1D imagine You find out He's cheating on you with his ex Or maybe not?

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Niall: "HOW DARE YOU NIALL HORAN! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DIFFERENT. YOU LIED TO ME. HOW COULD YOU STILL BE SEEING HOLLY" you screamed down the stairs as you packed up your stuff to move out of your flat and stay with Liam (Who you also you like and he likes you also). "(Y/N) I'm so sorry could you plea-" "I'M MOVING IN WITH LIAM. HE ACTUALLY LOVES ME AND I LOVE HIM." You interrupted Niall as you thud down the stairs to grab the rest of your items. "(Y/N) Please forgi- WAIT YOU LOVE MY BEST FRIEND?!" "YES BUT I LOVED YOU MORE. I GUESS YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT." You say as you walk out the door tears streaming down your face. You look back at the house as you drive away, seeing Niall standing in the driveway, looking down and in his hands, a wedding ring.

Harry: "Harry could you please come here" you say in your calmest voice. "Yes darling?" he says as he sits next to you. "Don't call me darling. I know your secret about you and Caroline. How dare you?You told me you love me. And i love you but-" Harry stops you with a kiss. "She asked if i could help her fix her car.I went over to help and she kissed me. I broke the kiss and her heart for the last time. Your the only one i love (Y/N)." He said to you. "Do you really Harry? I really do love you and i can't be hurt by you anymore Haz." You say as you stare into his eyes. "I really do love you kitten. Please believe me. You are my life. I love you."

Liam: "Liam Come here NOW!" You scream from the living room. He walks out of the kitchen looking worried. "What is it Love? Did i do something wrong? Are you hurt?" "Explain this to me dear." You hold his phone up to his face. On the screen there was a text from Danielle. You start crying and Liam brings your head to his chest holding you. "Babe it was a prank from the guys. They tried to prank me knowing i would believe it." "Really?" You ask him looking up into his brown eyes. "Yes here i can prove it to you" He takes the phone from you and dialed the number. When Louis and Zayn picked up the phone you felt so relieved. Louis and the other guys explained the prank through the phone and you apologized to Liam and Kiss.

Zayn: You were outside grilling for your lovely boyfriend. You walk inside to get some forks and hear Zayn talking to someone in the other room.You walk to the door and lay your ear on the door trying to listen. You hear him say "Yes Perrie, I love you too. See you tomorrow after recording." You heard him hang up the phone. You bust through the door crying and saying "How dare you Zayn. I thought what we had was important. I loved you Zayn Jawaad Malik. I thought you loved me too." You walked up to him and slapped him across the face. You slammed your feet upstairs and slammed your door shut, sliding down the door on your back crying. You got up and started packing up your stuff. You walked down the stairs and go to the bathroom to collect your things and turn around to see Niall standing behind you. "Come here princess. I can't believe Zayn hurt you like that. I-I-I love you (Y/N). Forget about Zayn. Be with me."You hug Niall and agree to go with him. You go upstairs and finished packing. You go downstairs to Niall and he says "You ready princess?" 2 seconds later Zayn walks in and Says "What are you doing here Horan?" "I am here to pick up my girlfriend." Niall put emphasise on the word girlfriend. Niall punches Zayn in the face puts his arm around you and walks out the door Zayn walks out with blood on his face and grabs your arm "Shes staying here with me." He says Niall punches Zayn one more time, picks you up bridal style, puts you in the back seat of his car grabs your stuff and leaves.

Louis: You walk in on Louis and Eleanor on a date at Starbucks. Louis had said he had to stay longer at the studio and you believed him. You took one look at him and started to cry. You walked out when you saw Harry walking down the street. You run up and hug him as he pulls you back and says "What's wrong? Did someone hurt you?" You nod and stop crying long enough to tell him the story. He got furious at Louis. He walked into Starbucks with his arm around you and grabbed Louis by his shirt and said "What did you do? Why would you hurt someone as perfect as (Y/N)?." He walked back over to you as you were still crying kissed your forehead and whispered "Let me love you. I will never hurt you."

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