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KYRA DIDN'T RELAX UNTIL THE GLOW OF Quebec City faded behind them

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KYRA DIDN'T RELAX UNTIL THE GLOW OF Quebec City faded behind them.

"You okay?" Jason asked from behind her,

She looked over at him and nodded. But she wasn't okay. Was Zethes basically saying she was going to die if she stuck around Jason?

She's supposed to stop the death that Hera brings. Does that mean she needs to die in order to stop? Did the prophecy say she'll die? Maybe she needs to go over it a few more times.

Jason put his hand on her shoulder, "Are you sure? I saw Zethes talking to you earlier. Did he say something?"

Kyra looked back and smiled, "It was nothing important, Jason. Just a little thing about wanting me to be an ice sculpture. You know, the usual."

Leo passed them some sandwiches from his pack. He'd been quiet ever since they'd told him what happened in the throne room. "I still can't believe Khione," he stated, "She looked so nice."

"Trust me, man," Jason replied, "Snow may be pretty, but up close it's cold and nasty. We'll find you a better prom date."

Kyra smiled at the comment, but Leo didn't look pleased. He hadn't said much about his time in the palace, or why the Boreads had singled him out for smelling like fire. Kyra got the feeling he was hiding something. Whatever it was, his mood seemed to be affecting Festus, who grumbled and steamed as he tried to keep himself warm in the cold Canadian air. Happy the Dragon was not so happy.

They ate their sandwiches as they flew. Nobody talked. Whatever they might find in Chicago, they all knew Boreas had only let them go because he figured they were already on a suicide mission.

The moon rose and stars turned overhead. Kyra's eyes started to feel heavy. The encounter with Boreas and his children had scared her more than she wanted to admit. Now that she had a full stomach, her adrenaline was fading.

Her blue eyes drooped and she leaned against Jason's warm chest. He began stroking her hair, which made her feel even more sleepy. Kyra let out one more little sigh before falling asleep.

At first, she dreamed of being back at Camp Half-blood. She was with her new family in the Apollo cabin. They were at the archery range, practicing with their bows and arrows. Suddenly, clouds formed above the camp and everything went dark.

Kyra turned to look at her siblings and found no one, "Guys?" The blonde ran out of the archery range and looked around the camp, "Hello? Anybody?!" Everyone was gone.

Thunder rumbled and a flash of lightning appeared in the sky. It got darker and Kyra felt worried. Where did they go?

"All alone, once again." Kyra turned to see a woman with black hair and brown eyes. She was beautiful, but her face held a coldness to it. It reminded her of Khione the snow Goddess.

"Hera." Kyra whispered and the Goddess smiled,

"You have questions." Hera stated, "You're scared."

The blonde nodded, "The prophecy says that I am to 'contain your rage'. But... someone told me that children of Apollo die when they get involved-"

"You're afraid to die." The goddess interrupted, "You think by being around Jason, that you'll cease to live?"

"Lee Fletcher and Michael Yew." Kyra stated, "They died helping Percy Jackson. Who says that won't happen to me? You unleash death and I contain it! Does that mean I die?!"

"You will watch your tone with me, child." Hera glared,

"No, I will not." Kyra hissed, "I have a right to know whether I am walking to my death by joining in on this quest!"

"Well, that depends. Will knowing change your mind about staying on the quest to free me?" Hera asked,

"Of course not." Kyra answered, "I just want to know if I'll die."

"I'm sorry, but I cannot answer that." Hera began to fade, "Best of luck, daughter of Apollo."

The sun showed through the clouds and blinded Kyra. She heard someone shouting her name in the distance and the dream began to dissolve. When she opened her blue eyes, she was no longer on Happy the dragon.

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