Chapter 70

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"Yes, Viktor. I understand. I promise I will call almost daily and extra if there is something of note going on. The forest raids have been successful to the point that the Templars are beginning to retreat into their compound. They are much less willing to venture to us in the woods nowadays. Of course not. I will see it through till the end. They are still going into the forrest yes. I will keep at it, as promised. The total number? Well with the 45 at the burned house, 15 at the second and all the forest raids, I believe we are about 120 kills in the last two months. I assure you, I will take the fight to them if I need to," I said as I stood in the study of the manor, the brothers listening; Nicolae getting a look at both sides of the conversation through my mind.

"You have spun quite the underworld yourself, my Bloody-Queen. I am pleased. Wipe them out and come home to me, soon," he said. Was that pride in his voice? My god, he really was turning soft on me; the image of me as his breeding queen must be going to his head as I "acquired more power" as he called it. I couldn't help but laugh out-loud a little at his observation that I had created my own 'underworld' here in Mysteryspell; he was right. With the loyalty and cooperation of the wolves, the means at my disposal had surpassed even my own expectations. After news of Lucas' rescue, even more packs had joined the fold, swearing their aid to rid Mysteryspell of the Templars. "Yes, Master," I replied. "Soon, Sasha. I have plans that are waiting on you." I bet you do. An irritated look crossed my face, as my left hand slid across the small bump on my stomach; my finger sparkling.

The line went dead and I dropped the phone from my face, looking at it while negative thoughts filed through my head about Viktor's plans that depended on me. He was more nervous now that his mental link had finally timed out and I had to reassure him that I would call often, on almost every call I did make. The brothers couldn't say much; there simply wasn't much they could. We were on track for handling things, taking care of the Templars. It was true that the forest raid campaign with werewolf snipers had been extremely successful. Almost to the point that the Templars had figured out that it was too dangerous for them to send raids out into the forest these days. They were beginning to go into lock down mode, almost.

We had heard rumors of a huge raiding party out in the woods around town but in an area that was completely different than any of the previous ones; unfortunately it was an area that just wasn't set up well for using our sniper raid in response. I was planning on going on a scouting trip to go check the area out and see what I could discover about the area. I slipped the phone back in my pocket. "Anyone home?" My eyes instantly flared up red at York's voice. I walked out of the study and he saw me and smiled, which I returned as I walked over to him. I instantly reached out and pulled his neck down to me, making him laugh out, "Jeeze Sash, take it easy. Who would have thought a baby vamp would be so needy! Even a litter of pups isn't this bad."

Sebastian had followed him in and was laughing. York had picked up calling me Sash, just like Sebastian and even Lucas was starting to do it these days. It had taken Lucas almost a full three weeks to heal up from the horrendous wounds that had been subjected on him from the Templars but he was back with the living and had even started helping with the raids over the last month. A few of the wolves that I was closer to, like York and Lucas were donating these days; my need for blood was only growing by the week and actual animal blood made me wretch. The brothers and Sebastian were a constant source for me but even with the four of them it wasn't enough all the time. Hence the occasional visits by both York and Lucas at the manor. It's not like they minded; they recovered from the blood loss quickly being wolves and then there was the added bonus of the vampire's kiss.

York and Lucas had been told about the pregnancy after they had come over one day and heard the thrumming during a moment of silence. In general, it wasn't something that could be heard when I was around the other wolves yet; we were always out doing things that made noise and so the majority of the population didn't know. We had, on the advice of York and Sebastian, informed the Alphas, so that when we were out on hunts they wouldn't have unreasonable expectations of me. Like trying to take lead on attacking armed Templars. They had all been sworn to secrecy about the entire thing after we explained the situation fully and how dangerous it really was for me if anything slipped at all. Especially with Viktor still looming. We were running out of time and we all knew it; I was already starting to show the tiniest bit.

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