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Aurora smoothed out her Gryffindor robes as she made her way back to her compartment, with her old clothes clasped in her hands. She then spotted a familiar ginger haired boy and knocked on the door of the compartment, before sliding it open.

Ron, Hermione and Harry turned their heads towards the sliding door. Hermione cuddling her fluffy ginger cat Crookshanks, Ron stared out the window, his face pale, and Harry was doing the same whilst also munching on a small piece of chocolate, all of them clearly affected by the earlier events.

"Hey, I was just checking up on you guys," Aurora informed the three thirteen year olds.

"Thanks but we don't need a babysitter," Harry replied bitterly, before looking back out the train window. Ron and Hermione looking shocked at his outburst towards the older Gryffindor student.

"Harry!" Hermione hissed at him, "Sorry," she then mumbled to Aurora giving the older girl a small guilty smile.

"You don't need to apologise for him, Hermione," Aurora told her giving her a reassuring smile, "I didn't think you guys needed a babysitter, I was just worried," She informed them, her chocolate eyes looking at Harry.

"Why does your father want to kill me?"

Aurora choked on her spit as she spluttered out, "W-what?"

"You heard me," He said and turned to look back at her, "Why does your father want to kill me?"

"He doesn't."

"Oh yeah? And you know this how?" He asked, his voice getting louder.

"Because he's not a murder! Okay?! And if he was why on Earth would he want you?" Aurora glared at him.

"He escaped from Azkaban! Of course he's a murder! And maybe you're helping him," He replied angrily, "I bet you are, aren't you! Stay away from me!" Before he got up of his seat and bumped the girl's shoulder on his way out of the compartment.

Aurora's fists clenched and unclenched around the shirt and jeans that she held in her hands as she gritted her teeth in anger. How could he? How could he say that? How could he even think that? It was barbaric. Hermione and Ron didn't even glance up to look at the older girl, they felt guilty even though it wasn't them who said it, especially Hermione, she knew first hand how it feels when people judge you because of what family you come from.

The black haired girl turned around and slammed the compartment door shut, she almost ran down the train before reaching the girl's bathroom once again, and locking herself in one of the stalls. She hid her head in her hands as she sat on the lid of the toilet, her teeth still gritting in anger and her tears filling with angry tears that she would never allow to spill. She breathed in deeply before sitting back, leaning against the back of the toilet and waited until she felt the train stop at Hogsmede Station.


As soon as the twins and Lee Jordan stepped off the train their eyes were darting all over the busy Station in search of the short black haired girl, but she was nowhere in sight. The last that they saw of her was when she left the compartment to go get changed into her school robes about 20 minutes before they arrived at the train station and they knew it never took her longer than 10 minutes to change into them but instead of worrying George suggested that she probably went to see Remus, although once they spotted the new professor strolling past their compartment by himself they started to worry.

"Hey!" George shouted as he noticed his younger brother coming off the train with Hermione next to him, "Ron!"

Ron looked over to where he heard his name, confused as to who'd be shouting him until he noticed the twins and Lee Jordan barging through the crowd of students towards him and Hermione, "What's up?" He asked his brothers.

"Have any of you seen Aurora by any chance?" Fred asked, his voice strained with worry.

"Oh, erm......" Ron mumbled before turning his gaze away from his brothers and down at Hermione, unsure of what to tell them. The twins and Lee shared a worried look before they too glanced over at the bushy haired girl who was looking away from them all.

"What do you two know?" Fred asked, his voice rising slightly.

"Well," Hermione started before she looked down and fiddled with her hands, a frown on her lips as she spoke, "She stopped by our compartment after she got changed, you know, to ask us how we were after the Dementors."

"And then where did she go?" George wondered, "I presume she didn't stay with you guys."

Hermione looked up at Ron, her eyes pleading him to carry on the story, he sighed before breaking the eye contact with her and staring up at Fred, "Harry said some things to her, some harsh things. She left quickly after that but we don't know where to."

Fred's eyes became swarmed with rage, his jaw clenched as he asked, "What did he say?"

No one replied.

"What the bloody hell did he say?" He yelled.

George placed his hand on his twin's shoulder, trying to calm him down as some students who were near the group stopped to stare, hoping to hear some interesting gossip.

Ron then proceeded to tell the three boys what was said during the train journey before he and Hermione scurried off to find a carriage and Harry.

"I am going to kill him," Fred mumbled, making eye contact with his twin, "I'm going to bloody kill him."

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