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"What's wrong, Fumikage?" Tokoyami startled, almost dropping the mug he was holding as he whipped his head around.

It was the middle of the night, and Tokoyami headed out of bed because of insistent nightmares about what happened at USJ.

The pure terror he felt, getting swarmed by villains, how their grabby hands tried to pry at his arms as they pinned him down. He felt like suffocating due to his claustrophobia. Tokoyami had bags under his eyes, even if they weren't visible under his feathers. He decided to head out and grab a drink of water, the presence of being in such an enclosed space still digging under his skin like ants.

"Izuku," he simply stated, seeing the boy huddled up by the empty fireplace. He had this curious gleam in his eyes, snuggled against the sofa. He hadn't been sleeping; evident by the pencil and notebook in hand and the cracker between his teeth,

"Couldn't sleep?" Izuku read him like a book, a soft smile playing on his lips as Tokoyami felt his heart beat faster. "Y-Yeah... I guess." He shrugged, looking away for a moment as he poked through the fridge, grabbing a carton of orange juice and tipping it into his glass. "Me too. Something get under your skin?"

Tokoyami stiffened, slamming the box of orange juice on the tiled surface with a resounding smack.

Midoriya, in turn, flinched, but kept his concern face on. "Need a hand...?"

Tokoyami trembled, and suddenly he was back at USJ.

The rain in the natural disaster he was thrown in felt like hot daggers piecrcing throug his skin again, hordes of deformed monstrosities poking some fun and clawing into his ksin as he lain on the pavement.

Their laughes echoed around him, mixing into a weird combonation with the rain and wind; merging into a sole sound of terror. It buzz of adrenaline was supposed to numb all of this, but...
His mind kept running through "what if's".

What if Dark Shadow didn't swoop in and save him?

What if one of the villains got too close?

What if...

What if Dark Shadow lost control?

He wsa shaking now, hyperventilating as he held his chest, head pressing against something solid but soft as Tokoyami clawed the sheets to try and stabilize it all.

Wait. Sheets?

"Fumikage," the voice was enough to ground him, the tears clearing from his eyes when he saw... Midoriya?? His head was upside down, the sleepy but awfully concerned eyes owlishly blink at him. "It's alright now. We're not there anymore. We all got oit alive, yeah? No harm done!"

Fumikage realized his head was laying on Izuku's lap, blankets over him with Midoriya's hand resting on his head. He was soothingly petting him, trying to lull him out of the nightmare.

Since when didi he...?

"I transferred you here when you almost collasped," Izuku murmured, hand soothingly between his feathers as he tried to reassure him. "It's alright now. You're here."

Tokoyami almost felt like he was going to cry. No one really cared, before.

"T-thank you." His deep voice managed to crack a bit, nit putting up a fight anymore as he accepted the offer to lean back, into the warmth.

Izuku felt so welcoming. The warm aura help him sleep. He smelled like cinnamon too, mixed with vanilla and strawberries like a bakery. "You shoudl sleep, Tokoyami-kun," Izuku cooed gently, soothing the pains that weight heavily in his chest.



"No freakin' far dude!"

Sero huffed playfully, looking at the sleeping figures on the common room couch.

It was Tokoyami and Izuku, bundled up in a flurry of pillows and blankets, curled up together. His Dark Shadow seems to be snoozing by them, light chirping in his sleep.

Kaminari peeked over his shoudler, along with Kirishima.

"Dude. Holy shiiit!" Kaminari quietly hissed through his teeth, madly grinning. "Izuku is as cute as always. Wonder how the others will react, right Kirishima?" He evilly thought of bringing the others down and maybe seeing them becoming jealous.

He turned to Kirishima, who looked a slight bit dejected.

"Uh. Dude?"

"Hah? Oh. Oh yeah!" Kirishima pushed the memory of him and Izuku cuddling on his bed,Izuku's head laid on his chest as he had one of the most peaceful naps in a long while. Kaminari unfortunatly caught up.

"No way! No damn way! I know everyone is a little gay for Izuku, but holy shit!-"
"Bro, no." Kirishima pleaded, looking at Sero who was busy taking pictures. "Don't let anyone hear you-"

They were interrupted by a loud bang coming from the staircase, Bakugou marching down as if he had hooves instead of feet.

The trio paled as Katsuki let out a few "good morning" explosions of his palms. He looked tired, bags under his eyes and a moody expression p=on his face as he stomped over. "Why the fuck are you guys so loud-..."

Sero awkwardly chuckled, sweat dropping as Katsuki's face reddened in what looked like rage. "What. The. Fuck. Is. Bird. Brains. Doing?"

At the sound of his voice, Izuku's eyes fluttered open, the peaceful smile on his face contorting to a confused but gentle one. "Sero? Kaminari? Kirishima? Kacchan?" He listed off, looking around him with a pout. "Were you guys watching us?"

Tokoyami still lay still and asleep in his arms as he scooted up to sit properly. Katsuki and Kirishima stiffened, while the other two snickered to themselves quietly as if they just shared an inside joke nobody else could understand.

"Nah. We just got here." Kaminari smoothly saved all of them, and Izuku smiled and nodded. "Anyway. Do you wanna catch a bite later?"

Izuku perked up at Denki's offer, an unheard growl from Bakugou rumbled in his throat; as if trying to threaten Kaminari. Sero subtly nudged Denki, as if warning him, but he simply ignored the gesture as he waited for Midoriya's answer. "Sure, Denki-kun."

"Pick you up at ten."


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