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Kirishima has been down lately.

Everyone has noticed, giving him gentle stares and softening their voices to a degree whenever he's around. Eijirou knows that they're just like this because they don't know how to deal with somebody down in the dumps; other than being soft around them. But he can't shake the feeling that they're babying him, like a toddler who recently lost his stuffed toy.

He desperately wants someone to talk to, but doesn't have the guts to open up. So he just plays along, smiling when he needs too; ignoring the way his heart plunges in his chest when his fellow classmates think he's getting better.

(A certain person with a mop of green hair thinks otherwise.)


It was 11:00 PM when it happened.

He was chilling on his bed, head laid back on the wall as he idly scrolled through his phone. He wasn't paying attention to it though, his mind drifting off somewhere else.

Everyone was getting better and better at controlling their quirks; utilizing them and taking advantage of the nature of their quirks. Even Izuku, who used to break his bones could control his quirk now, was not injuring himself just as much as before.

He was manly, and maybe just a bit of a suicidal bastard who jumps into trouble head first, miraculously getting out of situations with body parts still blessedly intact. Kirishima holds high respect for him, seeing he has a powerful quirk but still holding his down to earth demeanor. He gained some confidence, of course, but still had his jumpy and easily flustered attitude.

The boy was shy, but spoke his mind clearly and loudly for everyone to hear with an ecstatic grin on his face; eyes shining brightly at the mention of heroes, even though he is going to be one himself.

Everyone in class 1-A, even Bakugou (although he'll never admit it} held a soft spot for the small teen, an unspoken rule of protecting him from any harm had circled around the oblivious kid. If you do hurt him intentionally, it was like kicking a puppy, pushing over the elderly, or hitting kids. In other words, it was inhumane.

"Kirishima-kun? Are you there?"

He jolted from the sudden knock on his door, immediately recognizing the voice on the other side.


He gulped, shutting his phone off before contemplating to either pretend to be asleep of answer the door. It was an hour past curfew. What was he doing up?

Finally finding his voice after a long silence, he wheezed out, "Yeah bro. Right here. W-what's up?" He cursed himself for stuttering like a mess.

"... Could I come in?" Izuku's voice was gentle, a tone of underlying firmness. The question almost took Kirishima off guard, but luckily, he's used to surprises. "Yeah," he murmured, not sure if Izuku caught that. He sat up from his bed, shifting his covers and trying to fix his appearance so he will look at least the slightest bit presentable.

The door clicked open, a bleary eyed Izuku standing by the door way. He held a pink pillow, along with a soft looking yellow blanket hung around his shoulders like a cape.

"Hi," he murmured, looking at the slightly shocked Eijirou, who was (unknown to Izuku) reddening at the cute display. He was like a child.

He had his green hair sticking out everywhere; messier than usual, a shirt that reaches just above the knee with the collar exposing his shoulder, and bright, sleepy eyes.

"Uh. Hey." "I'm coming in."

Kirishima almost squeaked when he shut the door behind him, trudging towards Eijirou before lazily flopping on his bed right beside him. "I-Izuku?" Midoriya looked up at him, smiling at the use of his first name. "You could always rant to me, you know."

Kirishima stiffened. Midoriya noticed? He almost slapped himself. Of course he did; even if he looked like the most oblivious and naïve one in class 1-A, he was cunning and could easily read people.

"Well..." He trailed off, but Izuku nudged him, trying to urge him in spilling his frustrations. He attempted to say that "it was fine" or "you don't have to waste your time on me", but Izuku's insistent puppy dog eyes made him cave.

After two straight hours of him ranting and Midoriya actually giving pretty solid advice, he had tired himself out.

"You should get some sleep now, Eijirou," Midoriya murmured, standing up while blinking sleepily. Eijirou felt a bit of guilt in his chest, since the elevator was locked (Izuku was on the sixth floor while Eijirou was in the fourth) and the cameras will surely catch him sneaking back in hours after curfew.

"Stay," he spoke without thinking. "Please Izuku."

Midoriya turned to him, a childish gleam in his eyes. "I-I mean, tomorrow is a Saturday and s-stuff, and y-you could sleep in my room! I don't mean anything b-by that it's just-" Kirishima stuttered shyly.

"It's okay, Eijirou. I'll stay." Midoriya interrupted with a soft smile, sitting back down, leaning his head on Kirishima's shoulder.

Kirishima almost blanched as Izuku hugged him sideways, pushing him down on the bed so both of them lay there, with Izuku on top of him. Midoriya fell with a playful giggle as he laid his head on his chest.

"Goodnight, Eijirou. Sleep well, yeah?"

Kirishima made up his mind.

The world doesn't deserve such a damn angel.

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