29- I Believe

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🎶 tough times don't last
      But tough people do 🎶

I was back at the reception area sitting quietly with hopes of waking up any moment from this nightmare.

Mom helped me walk out of the room as the doctor began removing appliances and connections attached to Jan's body. And I was in no mood to argue.

   Dad was sitting by my side all this while as I held onto him for comfort.

   I had already asked him quite a number of times if I was dreaming but I received a negative reply. Then I changed my course.

I asked if he was dreaming instead.

Trying hard not to laugh, he also gratified me with a negative answer.

  So I accepted my fate and maintained silence.

  Except if this is Mom's dream though.

  Megan said Clement couldn't make it cause his dad and uncle had a business meeting to attend so they needed him and his cousin to take care of the little ones and his uncles wife.

   Majorly cause his uncle doesn't trust the competence of his own son.

  Meredith collected June from me a while ago and she's still asleep on her shoulders.

   I couldn't help but watch the little baby like she's gonna give up on life soon.

Like her brother did.

Like i almost did.

" Dad?"

" Yes darling?" Sounding bewildered that I could actually speak.

" How did you guys get to know?"

" Know?" Raising his left brow in emphasis.

" Know about the babies, you know... The problem "

" Well, I was out with Meredith and Megan cause I had no idea what teenage girls would want for a 'decent' party so I called them to help me out.

    We were at the mall getting some stuffs when a call came in from the hospital saying it's an emergency. So I called your mom and explained to her on phone about my whereabouts. That's how we all ended up here"

  His explanation was suitable enough so I went back to my silence.

  Megan just walked in from outside where I believe she was making a call.

" Hey you, put a smile on that shimmy face" And she stretches her lips apart with her fingers.

  I for one decided to smile a little but her action caused everyone around to laugh.

" I'm gonna go back to bridge waters tomorrow" She piped up and I responded with a smile.

  She's been here for far too long for my sake, the least I can do is to let her go. It's not like she takes her online schooling seriously.

   Seeing my reaction was one she was looking for, she smiled back.

  I heard shuffling coming out from the backroom before my mom appeared with the doctor.

  Believe me when I say mom looks worse than I do. And I'm the bereaved.

" All cleaned up and taken abat" The doctor said in a professional tone while avoiding my eyes.

  I think that abat is a code for buried.

Every one gave a response of thanks, thank you and alright but I still kept shut.

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