Chapter 4: Yesterday (Meeting 1 of 2)

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After Tony shouted to make everyone pay attention to him, they all gathered and sat down to Stark's long glass table. The seats are all black with a soft kind- of- like leather texture, it's almost like a sofa! The table is faced towards Stark's office table.

Tony sat down at his own luxurious office chair, it is the softest out of all of the other chairs inside his office. In front, where Tony is, Peter is there too, beside the billionaire, sitting on the chair the same as everyone else (yes, the soft kind- of- leather texture chair mentioned earlier if you haven't guessed).

"All right everyone, thank you for listening," Tony began. "As you may know, there has been a conflict between me and Rogers." After he said that, most of the team raised their hands, meaning, they want to ask a question. "Hands down, I know what you're all going to question, I'll explain," Stark said. Everyone puts their hands down in chorus. "Listen very closely, this is what happened yesterday."



The Secretary of State approaches the Avengers team about signing an agreement that would make them beholden to the United Nations. The issue at hand: "Should the United Nations control the Avengers?" Says the Secretary.

"Yes!" Tony willingly answered. Everyone looked at him, including Rogers, with a confused expression on their faces. Why? Well, this Iron Man believes that the Avengers' amusing behaviors are out of control. Also, Stark has a relationship with the government. Before he rebelled and became Iron Man, remember, he spent most of his life building some weapons for them.

"No!" Cap worriedly shouted. Everyone looked at him, including Stark, who has the face of disappointment. "Tony," Cap said, standing up. "Can I talk to you privately?"

Stark and Rogers went outside the office door. "Tony," Cap started. "What if they want to send us somewhere we don't want to go? What if they won't send send us somewhere we're needed?" He worriedly questioned.

"Why not?" Tony began. "The Avengers are out of control! Their behavior needs to be trained-"

"Tony, no!-'

"Tony, yes!" The billionaire cuts off Cap after Cap cuts him off a second ago (hope I'm not confusing you here haha). "If you won't agree with me, then I guess I'll just leave you all be," Stark said with anger then storms off, exiting the building, leaving the Avengers behind.


Everyone at the office was shocked, including Peter. The faces of confusion became faces of doubt.

"So that's why you left us," Natasha commented. "Cap was really down when he went back inside the office."

"Now all of you know," Stark responded, "but that's not all." 

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