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Lucy POV

I summoned Loke and said, "Loke, I have decided to get stronger, but not for Natsu, but for myself. I will prove to myself that I am not some incompetent wizard, who hides behind her Spirits. This time, I will get stronger. And for my feelings for Natsu, I need some space."

"I was hoping you would say that! I have a pad I bought before moving to Fairytail in Era. It's large enough for you. About your training, what did you have in mind?"

"For training, I think I will learn new types of magic and how I can improve my magic in general. Close to close combat is a must, so I have a lot of things I need to work on. I am confused about what I should start on."

"Lucy, I would recommend trying to learn magic spells from the celestial world. We have a whole library filled with spells that could help you. Usually, humans can't really use the books, but the Spirit King would make an exception." 

"Thanks, Loke, and if possible I would like to leave this moment. There's not much I need to pack, so we can quickly get out before anyone realizes I am gone, but I am sure no one will. And could you please handle telling master? I know if I go, I'll cry again."

"I can handle Master, but what about your friends?"

"Could you just say that Lucy is just going to take a leave of absence from the guild to figure things out? I don't think writing a letter is needed. They know what they did, but tell Juvia, Wendy, Gajeel, Carla, and Lily that I am sorry for leaving without telling them."

"Will do, Lucy."

He disappeared and I quickly packed my stuff. After two hours of packing, I rushed to catch the 1:00 am train to Era. It's an hour ride, so I'll just wait it out and find the location Loke told me about. That's also where the Magic Council resides; hopefully, they don't arrest me for the damage Team Natsu had caused. 

Natsu, why would you say that?! I thought we were great friends. I really cared for you, but then you went up and ruined it. But this time I will be back, and I will make you eat your words. 

After that one hour ride, I arrived in Era. I quickly find the location that Loke had. It was a brick house, with a golden colored door. Once I entered the house, all the furniture was covered with white blankets. I looked around and found a bedroom, cleaned it up and decided to just sleep. I'll do everything else tomorrow. 

Lucy's dream:

"Natsu, where are you," I screamed. "Natsu! Natsu! Where are you?!" 

"Stay away, you weakling! You were just a replacement for Lissana. At least she doesn't need to hide behind someone and pretend like you're fighting."

"Natsu... why? I liked you"

"You actually thought I liked you? Come on, Lucy, get real!" 

"Natsu, please don't say that. You don't mean that, right?"

"Get out of here!" 

(Lucy's dream ends.)

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