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I can't sleep, again. I am too stressed about my fucking company. I'm only 29, I feel like I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders. I might actually start balding soon like Umby said. When I look at the time it's 10:36. It's not to late to go back to work. I know it may sound crazy to a lot of people but have a lot to do.

I call Tony out from his office at my loft.

"I need you to drive me to Maddox Inc."

"Yes sir." He nods and throws on his jacket hanging by the elevator. It's convenient to have my driver and body guard living with me. I can drive myself but Tony is good company and I bring him with me many places.

On the drive there I can't stop myself to wonder if Charlotte would be able to come in and help me take notes on the new proposal that SER just sent me. It's 26 pages long. No, it's too late. She's probably asleep.

But what if she isn't? Is she with her boyfriend? I call Miranda.

"Miranda pull up and find out where Charlotte Tesé is and email me the location."

"Yes sir, I will find out as soon as possible." Miranda is the best. I notice Tony's look on his face, he looks... Smirkey?

When I get to my office I start taking notes right away and reading. Every little detail matters, and you have to be careful.

I get a notification.

From: Miranda Simmons
Subject: Charlotte Tesé

78023 Fox DR Portland Oregon

I click on the location. She's at Cuffs? I don't know what I'm doing until I'm doing it.

"Hello?" Her voice plays through my cell along with music.

She's definitely at a club. It's 11:00.

I don't quite know what I'm doing other than I need her help, but it's not just that.

"Charlotte, it's Michael."

"Oh, hi Mr. Maddox. Is everything alright?" She is slurring her words.

Instead of asking her to come in, I say "Are you drunk?"

The phone is quiet for a moment.

"No Mr.Maddox, I am drinking though.  Is everything okay?" She asks. She must be tipsy.

"I should ask you that. Who are you with?" I feel protective of her suddenly and I can't help it.

"Myself, but I'm okay." She tells me. She's by herself at a dangerous club in Portland, drinking? Cuffs is only about a 12 minutes drive from here. I begin walking down to Tony.

I sigh and hear her say no to someone.

"Charlotte are you alright?"

"What? Yes." She slurs. I type in the location on Tony's Audi 8 built in GPS so he can start heading there.

She doesn't sound sure.

"No I already have a drink I don't need yours." I hardly hear her say to someone.

"Is someone bothering you?" I ask.

She doesn't respond.


"Yeah some guy but— no! I don't want it!" She is gettin interrupted. Fuck. Tony glances at me.

Why the fuck is she there alone? Is she stupid?

"No! Don't touch me sicko!" I hear her whine. Fuck no.

"I'm almost there, just tell the bartender to help you." I say.

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