Chapter Five : Our Alpha

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*Y/n's POV*:

His eyes grew wide, all of a sudden. They somewhat faded from lust. As soon as our eyes made contact I knew Ten was my mate. He was stunning. Beautiful even.

Lets just fuck him now.

Dalia! What the hell. No. Are you crazy? We don't even know him.

Me and eight have known each other for years!

What do you mean? Who's Eight?

I can't explain it and "Eight" is his wolf's name.

We have to be patient.

FUCK patience.

Dalia wanted to take over. I could feel it.

If Dalia took over, there's no telling what would go down. I would be so embarrassed if we mated right here, right now. Oh god, the shame. I need to leave.

Ten watched me closely.

"Take off your mask."

I don't like being told what to do. By anyone. You can bet I gave my parents hell for it.

"And who are you to tell me what to do? You are not my alpha, nor beta. Therefore you have no authority over me." I turned to leave. But I stopped when I felt a grip around my elbow. I turned slightly and challenged his gaze. He looked a bit shocked that I did so.

"I believe my introduction was already given. So all that is left, is yours." He eyed me now, curiosity glowing in his eyes.

I yanked my arm from his grasp. "My name is Y/n."

His hand dropped to his side. I watched his reaction. His eyes were now cold. He looked heartless, almost.

I scoffed. I opened the door and left the room. I picked up the hem of my dress and I walked into the party in search of my family.

Should I tell them I found my mate? And more importantly, that my mate is a beta of the Blood Wall pack? That means I would have to move In with him and live with his pack. Oh shit. I couldn't. I wouldn't! I simply won't!

Almost immediately I felt a hand on my back, guiding me into the party.

"Don't move, let me take you to your family, I need to speak with them anyway." Ten whispered.

Dalia was going crazy and I sighed into the contact we made.


As we walked back into the party. I kept getting stares, and this time not from a few people, but everyone was watching me and Ten. I spotted my mom and I attempted to tell Ten that I saw her, she was distracted with women that were her age eating shrimp. Probably talking about frivolous things. I rolled my eyes.


We kept walking straight and I began to wonder where we were headed.

"Where are we going, exactly?"

"To meet our Alpha."

Wait, Taeyong Lee? The Taeyong? He was all anyone and everyone could talk about. Taeyong this and Taeyong that. I couldn't meet him. And wait. did he just say "our" alpha. Yeah right.

I stopped dead ass in my tracks. "Actually, you know what? No. I have let this go on far enough. And quite frankly, I'm over it." I pushed away from his hold but not far enough to catch a glimpse of the infamous Taeyong, all everyone, who was anyone, was talking about. And he was dashing.

I could tell Dalia was drooling

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I could tell Dalia was drooling. I would be lying if I said I wasn't internally drooling over him.

He was surrounded by his higher ranks of his pack. Ten watched me, upset. His eyes followed mine and he read my expression. He knew what I was thinking. Ten was angry now.

I walked way from him. As his alpha watched me.


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