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In a serene countryside, just after dusk, all the residents and farmers were quick to be indoors with windows shut and doors locked. The only life that remained outside well into the evening were cows and sheep.

Many residents felt there was something watching them from the woods, and the locals had grown superstitious about it. It didn't help that rumours were now beginning to circulate of occult rituals happening there. There had been reports of fires, and man-made shrines. Eerie stuff for a simple community with a strong religious attachment.
Some said the forest made people sleepwalk and wake up lost, deep in its embrace. There had also been reports of large bats, the size of dogs and animal carcasses found completely drained of blood.

One day a body turned up just outside the town. Enforcement convicted a stranger vagabond of killing a young woman, Sonia Alabasi (22) and surgically ripping out her heart between rows of a cornfield. He surprisingly had turned himself in.
The man's jail escape a few days after his capture hit televisions across the country and the search for him was lauded as one of the great manhunts of the decade. Iver Dayglo's mugshot, bristled and scowling, was the center of general concern to the country, and so was the town of Caddiv.
The case eventually grew cold and people began to lose hope that Dayglo would even be caught. Still, the case drew enough attention to put the town on the map. The wave of tourism earned it some macabre curiosity points.
Over the next decade, the town boiled with activity from all the attention it received but the name Sonia Alabasi faded. She wasn't really someone anyone had known after all. She had been fairly new to the countryside, appearing there suddenly at the age of 18. She worked at a diner off the highway, and lived on a small barn property that she had bought at low market value.
At the time of the murder, people testified they thought she was mysterious because she barely showed her face in town except to work, and claimed to enjoy hiking the woods despite the danger.
All that remained of Sonia Alabasi now were ghost stories. The place she had died turned into a novelty corn maze that used the Dayglo manhunt to attract visitors, citing itself as the haunted location of his misdeed.

Asides from the fact the town of Caddiv had grown and become more busy over many years, nothing much changed around the countryside. Farmers who remembered old suspicions still locked their door at night, the only animals outside being livestock and whatever wildlife hid beyond the trees.

Then one night, after no major events for twelve years, a new series of murders occurs out of the blue. All three of the victims had been members of the homeless community residing near a railroad overpass in town. They were found with their throats ripped open, but the blood they lost was nowhere to be found. At a loss, the authorities put out a general warning to the town regarding the danger. In order to prevent panic, they explained that the murders were likely the results of street fights, leaving out most of the facts.

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