Mindless Behavior : Love Story Chapter 4.

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As we cheered. Walter and my momma walked in. MB hugged my mom and said there hello's. But then Walter said, "Time to get out the room ladies, MB have to change." We replied, "Okay!" Walter, Me, My momma, and the girls went to the waiting room. Keisha was in there she hugged my mom and said, "Hey girl!" I said, "Wait, you'll know each other?" My mom & Keisha replied, "Yeah!" I said, "DANG MOMMA! Why didn't you tell me?" She said, "You to nosey!" I replied, "Truuue." 

I went into the bathroom, I asked the girls, "Are y'all ready to go on stage with MB?" They replied, "Yes!" We went back to the waiting room, Walter and my momma was holding hands. I started to die of laughter. Then the boys walked out. I fell back and said, "DAMN!" The girls said, "Get up Liyah!" Then my mom said, "Which one is dating my daughter?" Everybody looked at Roc, Roc replied, "I am." My mom looked at me & said, "He cute, He cute." I said under my breath, "I know this." She said, what you say smart mouth?" I said, "Nothing mom!" Everyone laughed except me. 

Roc asked Keisha, "can we bring the girls on stage tonight?" Keisha replied, "Yes, of course."

Walter said, "Enought chit-chat. It's show time." We went to the back of the stage, you can hear thousands of girls chanting, "MB! MB! MB!" The music dropped, MB ran out on stage. We watched from behind the curtain. They yelled, "WE LOVE YOU ATL!" Then ran off stage to change again, we waited till they preformed "Missing You." The dancers pulled out the white sofa's. MB walked us out on stage and preformed. We watched, I was sitting beside Aniya & Jordan and Dayja was sitting beside each other. The took our hands & got us up.

Princeton was grinding on Dayja and dancing with her. Ray and Aniya was dancing together. Jordan and Prodigy was dancing, then Prod got on his knees. Me and Roc was dancing together, then he kissed me on the cheek. Then they escorted us off stage and they preformed their last song. Walter said to the boys, "I'm riding with Liyah's mom to her house so we can get their stuff, the tour bus is following so, the girls are going on the bus so see you at Liyah's house." We all walked out the venue me, MB, Walter, my mom, Keisha, the girls. We all went to my mom's car first, the boy's and Walter said, "Dang! Your car is nice!" My mom said, "Thank you!" They got in the car. Me, the girls, and MB went into the tour bus. 

The girls and I went to go sit at the table. I got a tweet that said, "The girl that Roc kissed on the cheek is @_iRepMBx3." I said, "Oh shit." MB and the girls said, "What?" I said, "read this tweet you guys!"

To be continued...

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