Chapter Four : The Problem

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(Unedited, sorry I was feeling lazy. I will NOT always do my chapters like this, going back and forth between povs. Don't expect it all the time, thanks! You may continue with the story now:))

*Ten Pov*:

I smelt something and my senses started to high-ten and I started to sweat profusely. My wolf was going crazy with anticipation. She was close and I could feel it.

We need to find her, right now!

No, not right now, nine. Taeyong is still giving a speech.

My wolf was howling. He wanted to meet his mate, maybe badder then me. I could smell her arousal and mine began to increase. I looked around nervously. Maybe she could help me with this.

Taeyong finishes his speech. "Hey, man, what's wrong? You seemed kind of out of it."

I met his eyes. I was actually the only one who could do that without it being disrespectful. It was considered rude to meet the alpha's eyes. Most times it meant someone was proposing a challenge to his position of authority.

"Yeah, um. I'm fine. I have to go find someone real quick, excuse me, hyung." I bowed.

My mind was racing.

What if she doesn't like me? What if I wasn't good enough for her? What if my dominance became a problem in our relationship? What if she doesn't want to come live with me and leave her old pack?

Don't be ridiculous. I can feel her wolf calling me. The moon goddess chose us to be together meaning that we will end up with her no matter what. ten said to me.

Whatever, lets just find her, quickly before other males smell her heat.

Shit. Where is she?

I started following her scent. I caught a glimpse of her mask on her face, I followed her into a dark hallway. Her arousal scent was getting stronger. Her wolf could probably sense that I was close and began getting excited. As I followed her I got approving and respectful looks as people bowed to me. I waved, nicely. I saw males sniffing the air and some eye's became dark and fueled with lust.

I have to find her before other males try and take what's mine.

"Looking for something?" I spoke quickly, but calmly, trying not to draw alarm. Which canceled out what I decided to do next. Half of my actions were my wolf. I pushed her into a room. I'm not entirely sure which one, although I did live here with Taeyong and members who were higher in rank the pack.

I stood behind her. I took deep breaths and exhaled quickly. She flinched and shivered. All of a sudden her heat and arousal became 20 times stronger. She must not have officially started her heat until now.

She turned around and looked up at me and her eyes were scared and hungry. I could tell her wolf was running her ragged. My eyes grew with lust.

I want her, I just have to have her. I have to claim her as my own. She's mine. She looked down. And I practically growled.

"I'm Ten, it's nice to meet you. I am the beta of the Blood Wall Pack."

She whimpered and looked back down.

Why wouldn't she look at me? "Look at me." I growled lowly. My dominant side coming out more aggressively then I intended.

She looked up at me. I have to control myself. My wolf was begging to take over. When our eyes locked I knew for sure that she was my mate. Her eyes drew me in, claiming me, almost. But no...she couldn't be? She wasn't, right?

She's a dominant she-wolf?

I could tell by the way her eyes pierced through mine. And through her lust I began to read her. She didn't want to find her mate tonight, by the looks of her furrowed brows her parents probably forced her to come, in order to search for her mate. I growled at just the thought of someone else mating what was mine.

nine spoke. This might be a problem.

No shit.

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