Lost my thougts

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*based on something that happened to me 2 days ago*
Human Au


Conan: see you tomorrow then lol
Gavin: oki, see you too dipshit haha

Gavin stares up at the ceiling, smiling. He's had a crush on Conan for a while, and they've become close. They hung out most of the time and loved sharing things. Ever since Gavin's parents divorced Conan lightened the mood and always made him smile. The door rang as he headed to open it. "Tina, what are you doing here?" He questioned, slightly chuckling. "Gavin...I don't know what to say but, Conan is dating Alex, I'm sorry. He told me while we were eating lunch...". Gavin slightly chuckled as he slammed the door. He tried everything, just to hear this? Pushing his back against the wall, tears silently streamed down his face as he sobbed.

At school

Conan walked up to Gavin, as he noticed his appearance. "Hey, Gavin. You ok?" He asked concerned but lightly. "Don't try that Optimistic crap on me! You know that I liked you! You knew! I confessed to you and you ignored me for fuck sake Conan! What do I have to do to make you realize that I have been here this entire fucking time!!". Gavin's tone changed immediantly, making Conan feel a bit guilty. "Why won't you realize, I've been waiting t-this entire t-time..." Gavin whimpered through his words. Conan grabbed his wrist as he looked at him a bit guilty. Gavin yanked his wrist away as he sobbed through his words. "For me to think I ever loved you, was complete bullshit... it was for nothing after all this time, wasn't it?..." he sobbed. Gavin walked away as Conan stared blankly. He didn't want to turn back. He didn't want to see Tina. I mean, Conan's birthday was on Saturday for fuck sake. The only thing that stopped Gavin from killing himself. For saying "I don't wanna be alive anymore". He was the one who kept him happy all this time, and he ruined it right after that. He continued his walk till he stopped at an ally. Sitting at the corner of a building, he began to cry. His eyes turned blood red as bags formed underneath his eyes. He never wanted to see Conan again, ever.

I know this was super short but my crush started dating the girl who told me to keep cutting myself so I just wrote what it kinda felt like. Hope you enjoyed this angst? K byee

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