Chapter 1: I Cope with My Girlfriend Leaving Me by Breaking Someone's Jaw

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A/N: So before I begin, a few notes.

1. Susie is 22, and this is after graduation and about four years after the events of Deltarune.

2. Kris is away at college with their brother.

3. Undyne is 26.

4. This story is pretty dark and involves a lot of my own experiences being a delinquent and dealing with the trauma of being unwanted and foster situations. After all, people don't often think about what happens when foster kids age out, especially people like Susie.

5. There will definitely be smut, knowing me, but this is a SLOW BURN.

6. This first chapter is public, but afterward, I'll be releasing them on Patreon first, in order of Extra Early Release ($5), Early Release ($1), and Public. In other words, Public will be two chapters behind. Be sure to Patron if you want updates as soon as they're live!

7. This cover art is pending! Whoever designs an Undyne/Susie cover art for this piece (that I like the best) will get free updates on this story!

I hope you enjoy!



"So I heard you and Noelle didn't work out."

"Motherfuck," I whispered to myself, leaning back into the office chair as far as it would allow me. I wasn't sure how to respond yet. Kris hadn't been in town for at least a year, and not even a full twenty-four hours had passed since Noelle sprung the news on me. Hell, it had barely been a few hours. Noelle was too much of a pussy to post anything about it, and I was still processing how I felt.

So who spilled?

"How did you find that out?" I typed back to Kris, threatening to break the keys of my poor keyboard as I typed. I really didn't have enough money to replace it, so I gritted my teeth and tried to keep my hands steady.

"The town is full of practically twenty people. Word gets around. Besides, you're the only lesbian couple in town. People keep up on you." There was a pause, then their typing continued. "Or, is she not a lesbian? Heard she got pregnant."

Oh, may the gods bless my patience and my ability to not break my keyboard. "It's called bisexuality, Kris. You of all people should know that." Noelle may have been a lying bitch and a coward, but I wouldn't insult her orientation. That just wouldn't be fair.

"I know. That's just what the posts I've been seeing were speculating."

"How come I can't see these posts?"

"Private accounts. You think the town would have you seeing people's darkest, deepest secrets? They're all still afraid of you, even after graduation."

It was a miracle that I had graduated at all, with my straight-D report card and being on first-name basis with the principal, but much to everyone's surprise, I did, along with Kris and Noelle. Kris went off to go to their brother's college, while Noelle stayed behind with me for the last two years to work and save money.

Of course, that meant having a secret affair with another monster, who apparently stayed in town for Noelle's sake, which led to Noelle being pregnant and having to break the news that she cheated and didn't love me anymore.

A town full of pussies.

"You really should try college out," Kris said finally. "Get out of town for a bit. Maybe you'll make some friends. And you can always hang out with me."

"Nah. I barely graduated. Besides, I don't even know what I'd major in. It's not like Gratuitous Violence and Drinking is a major."

"You could just take classes until you figure something out."

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