Chapter 20

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Unlike the night before, she woke with Kole still laying beside her. She couldn't help but relish in the warmth and comfort he projected. As much as she wanted to stay in his arms all morning, she knew she had to get up and get things done- specifically call Blue to meet up and she wanted to find out for sure if she was pregnant or not. Not wanting to wake Kole up before his morning alarm, she quietly slid out of bed, wincing as he shifted in the bed behind her.

She walked past the living room, where Ian was up playing a videogame, looking like he hadn't even slept yet; if the junk food wraps laying beside him and the beginning of bags under his eyes were anything to go by.

"Did you even sleep last night?" She frowned crossing her arms.

"No, I'm so close to defeating the game. I cant stop now." Ian said slowly, his eyes never leaving the TV.

"Ian, you can have thirty more minute, and then you are gong to bed." Rory frowned.

"Fine." Ian said.

"Ian, I mean it." She said more sternly.

"Ok, I will."

Rory smiled walking into the kitchen and started to make some eggs. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the note from Blue. She knew she was going to keep pushing it away, so she picked up her cell phone and quickly dialed the number.

"Good morning sunshine." Blue greeted.

"Morning." Rory said. "Um, I was wondering if you were still in the area?"

"I am. Do you want to meet up?"

"I do... I, yeah." She stuttered.

"Good. How about we meet at Edna's house, and I will bring by some lunch?"

"Yeah, that sounds good."

"Perfect, I will see you in a few hours." Blue said before hanging up.

Rory grabbed a plate from the cupboard and smiled when she heard the TV turn off and Ian make his way  to his bedroom.  She scooped up the eggs and walked into the livingroom hoping to watch some TV before she had to get around for the day.  She pushed around the eggs not entirely hungry but knowing that she may have be pregnant she had to keep her strength up as she could be eating for two.

"Good Morning," Kole said kidding her on her head, breaking her out of her thoughts.

"Morning." She smiled, happy that something seemed to be back to normal. "What do you having going on today?"

"Meetings with parts of the pack. Are you ready for the full moon tonight?"

"I am. Do you want me to come to the pack meeting? I called Blue and was going to meet with her, but I can reschedule it?"

"No you don't have to, the meeting is just a general update. When are you meeting Blue, I can meet you guys."

"We're meeting around lunch time at Edna's and if you can make it that would be awesome, but if not that's ok too."

"No, I'll be there. I want to hear what she has to say." Kole said.

"OK, thank you." She smiled.

"Not to cut this short but I have to get going." Kole said kissing her forehead.

"Sure." She nodded. "I think I'm going to visit Edna for a little."

"That's  a great Idea, I'm sure she will be happy to see you."

As soon as Kole left, and as she felt their connection stretch she was sure that he was out of hearing distance. She picked up the phone and asked Georgia to meet her at Edna's with a pregnancy test.

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