Capitolo Tre✔️

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Lucia POV

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Lucia POV

I laughed at Tess as she told me the story of her uncle's fourth birthday. Her uncle Marco apparently really loves cake, and he's been that way for years and the family doesn't think he'll change.

"Nonna was so pissed and Nonno about killed Marco and Kaleb." Tess laughed. She spoke as if she was born with this happened.

I wrapped my arms around myself, clutching my stomach as tears formed in my eyes, and I struggled to breathe.

"So every year, even now, Nonna doesn't even let Marco into the kitchen or anything where his cake may be. And he pouts every time like a child." Tess laughed.

"Can we have a new family joke, this is joke old." A familiar voice said. I turned towards the door of the dining room to see Marco standing there with a frown on his face.

"Uncle Marco! Have you come to save me?" Tess asked rushing up to him and giving him a hug.

"No. Keeping you here keeps us from having to worry about a missing kid." He said.

"I hate you." She said into his chest.

"Where's everyone else?" Ava asked as she made her way to hug her uncle.

"They're on the way, I rode back with Julia and the twins." He said. Marco and his wife Julia have four kids, Marco the Second is the oldest, Hannah is next, then the twins who should be about seventeen, Leah and Ellie. Poor Marco II he's the only boy.

"Oh where are they? They promised to help me with something." Tess said.

"I don't know." Marco shrugged. Julia then walked in followed by two identical twin girls, both girls had dark brown hair and if I remember correctly, their eyes change colors based off what they're wearing, and the lighting. Right now their eyes were a dull blue-green color. They were both an inch or so shorter than me but their hair was ridiculously long, it reached their waists while mine reached my mid back.

They all have ridiculously long hair, Dante says it's because Savannah's hair has always been long, and she's never denied it. The boys regularly get hair cuts, every two to three weeks, I think.

"So how long until the people I'm forced to call family get here?" Tess asked.

Marco looked at his watch before answering.

"About half an hour." He said. My heart immediately began racing at the thought of Antonio being with them.

"Is dinner almost ready? I'm starving." Julia asked.

Marco shrugged as he left the dining room, Julia followed right after.

"Why is everyone meeting here for dinner?" I asked. Marino and Katherine's house is big, huge even, but the main house was even bigger. This family is huge, it would make more sense to meet at the big house.

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