Guess I had my last chance

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            It was getting late, and I needed to find the iPhone girl on Facebook. I stalked almost every Erika I found there, Nothing! That bitch was not there. Why was I getting so desperate? As I was checking my computer, a friend request appeared on my notifications... it was Heidi Marrow! The girl I liked first and then I hated... and now the girl I was applying my stalking skills to! A few days ago I would have accepted the request without thinking it twice. Now, it's like...BYE BITCH, SEE YA. I needed Ariel to help me with the research, so I decided to call him through Skype. "Hey man, what happened?" Ariel said to me. "Just here looking for someone. Hey guess what! Heidi sent me s friend request on Facebook a few minutes ago! Ahah I didn't accept that" i was laughing so hard while saying that! "Why? What made you not do that? You were so into her a few days ago!?" He mention. He was right! I was into her. "Something weird happened to me man! There is something in these girls that has me thinking a lot! Why me? You know. What made her be interested in me?" I said. I was having some deep thoughts at the moment. "You're obsessing too much, man! Be cool! You don't even know the girls" Ariel said. "You are right... I don't know them; however, I know what I feel! I must talk to them to understand why they say my name and things like that!" I insisted. I lost the internet connection at that time... or i had just hang up on my best friend.

          The next morning, I was ready to go to uni when my nana stopped me. "Rodrigo, Don't go  classes today. Haven't you seen? It's raining. Please stay home with fluffy and me" -Fluffy is my 5- year-old French poodle. I love her to death to be honest! She is my only company since I am an only child. "Nana, I have to go! I'm having important exams today" I told her. That was a big lie! I just didn't want to miss the opportunity to "stalk" the iPhone girl and the picky one in real life! As I was walking through the main gates I saw the iPhone girl entering in her car. She was singing and living for the music inside of her car. I began walking slowly. It was earlier than usual. I walked to the cafeteria, and I saw she stood there next to her car. She saw me staring at her! Dam it. Suddenly the picky one appeared in her car! They were heading to the same direction I was. I wanted to say hi, but both of them were in their phones. The iPhone girl was making a phone call when she walked next to me. The other one seemed nervous... too nervous I must add.

Since it was raining, the floor was very wet. I just saw everybody running towards the cafeteria to have some temporary shelter. The iPhone girl and the picky one went to buy a coffee. I just wanted to talk to them so badly. As soon as they bought the coffee, they were leaving... and suddenly the picky one stumbles and almost falls. The iPhone one grabbed her by the backpack and said "haha, you want to fall to him as well" who was she referring to? My friends joined me to the table, and I excused myself for a little bit. I needed to see where these two were heading. They were walking really slow I must say. The iPhone girl had grabbed something from her car because now she had some notebooks that didn't have before. The picky one held the notebooks so that the other could fix her skirt. As she was doing it, she turned aside and saw me staring at her. She was shocked. "Mary, * intelligible language*" she had just said the picky one's name. And she also spoke in a rare language. Probably Italian, Japanese or French. I was just glad she had said the other girl's name.

I needed to look for her on Facebook this time. But there was one thing deep down inside me that wanted to talk to her more than just stalk her in silence. I went to my class the same morning, and as soon as I finished I went back to the cafeteria. "Rod, what's up man? Why are you so weird today?" Ariel asked me. I could not tell him I was "stalking" someone. He would look at me and think I'm crazy! "Oh, nothing. It's just that... I am thinking about the project! Cannot wait to present it man!" I said. I saw the two girls coming. This time, they were holding a lot of things in their hands. The iPhone girl made eye contact with me, and then rolled her eyes. The other girl was not even staring at me. She was the one who walked by me. She didn't realize that she had dropped some papers in French right next to me. The papers said "Argueta" on them. Whose last name was it though?

         I tried following them to give the paper, but Heidi was walking towards me. She was waving while smiling so much. I had no intention of talking to her to be honest. "Hello! Where are you going?" She asked me. "I'm heading to the language department to deliver something" I said to her. "Can I join?" She asked me. "Can you stop being such a whore? I'm not interested in you. Jesus Christ Heidi, leave me alone" I said to her. Was I supposed to feel bad? Honestly I didn't care. I was walking to the English department when I saw them. The iPhone girl looked at me and said something to the picky one. They were about to enter the classroom when a bearded guy hugged them! He didn't enter the classroom. He stayed outside. He noticed me and texted someone. The iPhone girl came immediately outside the classroom. It was my opportunity to ask her about the paper. "Uhm, excuse me" I said to her. She was shocked by me being there. "What?" She said. She was so rude. "I believe this belongs to you" I told her, and handed the papers. "Oh, yes! These are mine. Thanks" she said and left. That was it. I was thinking about the possibility of those pages belonging to the other girl. That was the chance I needed... and I flushed it down the toilet. Why was the other girl so mysterious? At least I know more to find the picky one on Facebook. I was one step closer of finding her, and I had no idea why I was so excited about it. Was I developing feelings for someone I had no idea about? Was it just my imagination playing games with me? Why wasn't I interested in presenting something for the Bahamas project? Ugh there was so much in my mind. Starting with Mary... the picky one... I hope.

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