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WARNINGS: Mentions of violence and murder
Aged up to 17+

Mike's pov

I groaned and flopped on my bed, "gosh why isn't Y/N here yet?!" "Mike, calm down she'll be here soon, you know her, she's always late to things" Eleven said, opening a bag of chips. "Yeah, it's only been 30 minutes since she was supposed to be here" Dustin shrugged, snatching the bag of chips off of El. I looked at him like he was a big, stupid idiot, "Only 30 minutes?! Ok you know what- I'll- I- Fine, I'll calm down" I said huffing, and sitting down crossing my arms. But I couldn't calm down, my boyfriend senses were tingling. I texted her about 40 times and she didn't answer. She always answers right away!
Time skip, 1 hour later..
"Okay, I'm out to find Y/N" I said grabbing my coat. "Me too, I'm worried..." El said slipping on her converse. "Yeah, I'm coming too" Max said. Lucas, Will, and Dusting said they will come too. We were all worried...

After about 10 minutes of walking, we came across Y/N's house. I knocked on the door, as everyone stood behind me.
Her mom opened the door, "Hey Mike! Hey guys!" She said with a bright smile. "Hey mrs. Y/L/N, do you know where Y/N is? She was supposed to be at my house with us for a sleepover, like 2 hours ago, is she here?" I asked eagerly, as the rest also had eager faces. Her mom's face dropped, "She left to go to your house 3 hours though..."
All of our faces dropped, "Call the police!" Will yelled as we ran into the Y/L/N house hold. "Let me call them!" Mrs. Y/L/N yelled yanking it from Will. Tears were coming out of her eyes, "Y-Yes, my daughter is missing... GOD DAMNIT START SEARCHING FOR HER FASTER" Mrs. Y/L/N practically screamed slamming the phone down. I was already crying, I don't want to lose my baby girl. "Come on guys we're searching for her! NOW!" Everyone raced out the door behind me. "Y/N?!" El screamed running into the woods. I screamed even louder, and so did everyone else. I was close to having a mental breakdown, I dropped on my knees and sobbed, "Y/N..." As I collapsed onto the grass of the woods, I smelt something, something oh so familiar.... Y/N's strawberry perfume. I smelt around the ground. I know , I look fucking psycho, sniffing the fucking ground. I lifted up a couple of branches, there was Y/N's yellow shirt... I picked it up, I sobbed and sobbed, Y/N is close by, I can feel it... I put the shirt up to my face and hugged it. "Mike..." I heard Lucas say from behind me. "It's Y/N's shirt!" I cried out, crawling in a little ball, holding it.
Everyone brang me in a group hug, they were all crying too. "Where did you go Y/N?" El muttered, crying...

1 week later...

One week, and they found nothing.
Nothing at all.
I fucking hate cops, they do nothing.
They can't fucking find the love of my life.
Me and the group haven't gave up on finding her. We're all depressed, we lost the light of the group.
There was a knock at my bedroom door,
"Mike? It's Max, El, Lucas, Dustin and Will"
"Come in" I sniffled, hugging Y/N's shirt tighter.
They all gently sat on my bed. There was an uncomfortable silence.
Before anyone could say anything, my mom bursted threw the door, along with Nancy.
"They found her"

We all got to the quarry, and I immediately jumped out of my mom's car. "Y/N?!" I was so close to the edge of the quarry cliff, until the cop, Hopper, pulled me back. "You can't look there! You'll fa-" "Let me go!" I yelled kicking him and doing any possible thing that would help me get out of his grip. "Kid, I'm telling you, you don't want to look-" "Let me go for fuck sakes! That my girlfriend!!" I snapped, punching his arm.
"Mike stop!" I heard Nancy yell. I ignored everyone's yellings of me to stop and calm down.
Then I saw something, I wish I could unseen....
Y/N being pulled out of the water, nude and damaged.
"Y-Y/N?..." I whispered. Hopper let me go and gently put me down.
3rd person pov
Mike couldn't believe what he saw, his girlfriend, his best friend, his soulmate, the love of his life, dead... in brutal condition... he sobbed and sobbed... he screamed... he begged for her to be okay, but he knew she wasn't...
The others couldn't believe what they saw either...
Will broke down in Joyce's arms, Joyce crying too and broken. Y/N was like a daughter she never had. Jonathon felt his heart break.
El covered her mouth with her hands, and collapsed onto her knees, sobbing. El and Y/N were best friends, ever since they found El in the woods the first time, Y/N offered El to stay at her house, and their friendship grew strong. "Y/N!" El cried, holding her chest.
Max and Lucas, broke down in each other's arms, crying, wishing Y/N was still alive. Y/N was the first one to come up to Max and offer her to hang at the arcade with the rest of the party, and they were best friends ever since.
In kindergarten, Y/N helped Lucas with his a b c's and as you can guess, they became best friends. Dustin couldn't move, he just stood there, shocked and crying.
Nancy covered her mouth with her hands, and chocked out a sob.
Y/N and Nancy had a special bond...
Even Hopper was shooken up and tearing up.
Steve was crying and hugging Dustin.
Y/N's mom was laying on the ground, screaming and crying, yelling for her baby to come back.

Mike was laying there, emotionless.
He had no tears left to cry, he cried too much, they were gone. He started having flash backs..

"Mike stop!" Y/N giggled pushing Mike's chest playfully. Mike laughed and continued to hold Y/N's waist tightly, smothering kisses repeatedly on her face. "Never!"
"Mike, why do you like me? I'm not pretty, I'm fat, im weird, I'm-"
"Y/N, stop, you are beautiful and your weirdness makes you cuter and funnier, and your not fat....I-I love y-you"
Y/N looked up in shock, the love of her life just said I love you.
The girl smiled through her tears, "I love you t-too M-Mike"
The teens stripped their cloths impatiently, and laid down in Y/N's small bed.
"Y/N? Are you sure you want this? I don't want to hurt you..." Mike whispered, out of breath, laying down on the naked girl, "Y-Yes, I'm sure"
"Okay...I love you"
"I love you too"
"'Mike, we need to study!" The girl said laughing, and pushing her boyfriend away from her side, making him stop kissing her cheek. "I don't care! We are more important than studying!"
The young couple lauded in bed, cuddling and watching their favourite movie.
"You know I love you right?"
Mike asked, kissing the top of his girlfriend's head.
"Yep I do, you tell me it everyday"
"I love you too heh"
Mike cried, thinking about all those moments.
Then anger filled up inside him.
Mike was going to find that sick fucker who killed the love of his life.

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