Ch. 29 What happened to my big sister?

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Severus runs towards Cedric and stands in front of him. He held his arms out to Cedric as he sternly stares at him.

" Give Ms. Potter to me," Severus tells Cedric. 

Cedric carefully passed Azalea to Severus. 

Severus securely held Azalea in his arms as he looks down at her with a worried expression. He lifts his head and turns to look at Cedric. 

" What happened?" Severus asked Cedric. 

Cedric nervously stares at Severus because the Potion Master is staring at him with an angry yet worried expression. 

" I was training for my upcoming Quidditch game when I heard a scream. I turned around, and that is where I saw Azalea falling. Before she fell, I caught a glimpse of someone's foot stepping on her hand. I used a cushioning spell so that she wouldn't get hurt when she falls," Cedric explains to Severus. 

Severus nods his head. 

" Thank you, Mr. Diggory. A hundred points to Hufflepuff for saving Ms. Potter's life," Severus looks at Cedric. 

Cedric nods his head. 

" Mr. Diggory, can you go to Professor McGonagall and tell her to take my Slytherin students back to their common room," Severus tells Cedric. " If she asks why tell her that I am taking Ms. Potter to the medical wing," He walks passed Cedric and heads towards the castle. 

Cedric watched Severus enter the castle with Azalea in his arms. He turns around and runs towards the Quidditch field. He stops running when he hears Lee Jordan announce that Harry Potter won for the Gryffindor Quidditch team due to catching the Snitch which came out of Harry's mouth. 

Cedric is impressed, but he quickly became serious when he remembers Azalea's situation. He looks straight and sees Minvera standing next to Harry while Madam Pomfrey is giving the young boy a check up to make sure he is okay. He runs towards Minvera and stands next to her. 

" Professor McGonagall. I am sorry for interrupting, but something terrible happened," Cedric speaks up. 

Minvera looks away from Harry and turns to stare at Cedric. 

" What is it, Mr. Diggory?" Minvera asked Cedric. 

" It's Azalea. She got into an accident, and Professor Snape took her to the medical wing," Cedric tells Minvera. 

Harry and Madam Pomfrey overheard their conversation. Madam Pomfrey quickly stands up. 

" Oh dear. I must get going. Minvera, Mr. Potter is going to be okay. I'll see you all later," Madam Pomfrey runs passed Minvera as she heads towards the castle to tend Azalea. 

Harry stares at Minvera and Cedric with a worried expression. 

" What happened to my big sister?" Harry asked as he stands up and stands next to Minvera. 

Cedric turns to look at Harry. He didn't know what to say to Azalea's younger brother. 

" Mr. Potter. Azalea is going to be fine. When she wakes up, you are welcome to see her," Minvera tells Harry. 

Harry nods his head. 

" Harry!" Lots of voices called out to Harry. 

Harry turns around and sees his friends running towards him. His eyes widened when Hermione and Daphne attacked him with a hug. 

" Don't scare us like that!" Hermione and Daphne shouted. 

" I'm sorry for making you all worried. I don't know what made my broom go crazy," Harry whispers. 

Hermione and Daphne let go of Harry. Both girls looked at each other and then at Harry with a worried expression. 

" Harry. How are you feeling?" Draco asked. 

" I'm okay, but I am worried," Harry looks at Draco with a worried expression. 

" What are you worried about?" Blaise asked. 

" I'm worried about Azalea," Harry looks down at his feet. He feels like he is a terrible brother because he can't protect his sister. 

" What's wrong with Azalea?" Theo asked. 

" Azalea got into an accident, and she was sent to the medical wing," Harry lifts his head and stare at his friends. 

Hermione and Daphne wore a horrified expression. Blaise and Theo looked at each other with a confused expression. Draco on the other couldn't believe what he is hearing. 

" I have to go see her!" Draco shouts feeling scared for his best friend's life. 

" Mr. Malfoy, you will see her once she wakes up," Minvera speaks up which caused the Slytherin students and Harry to look at her. " At the meantime, I am taking you five to your common room since your Head of House took Ms. Potter to the medical wing," She looks at Draco, Blaise, Theo, Hermione, and Daphne. " Mr. Diggory, can you escort Harry to the Gryffindor common room, please," She turns to look at Cedric. 

" Of course," Cedric nods his head. 

" Mr. Potter, go with Mr. Diggory. He is going to take you back to the common room," Minvera turns to look at Harry. 

Harry nods his head. 

Harry turns to look at his friends, and he tells them that if he hears news about his older sister, he will immediately inform them so that they can all see her when she wakes up. 

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