Chapter Seventeen The End

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I hadn't been back in a while. I was not going to be discarded and thrown away like Kamalani. So, this is where I am currently inside a bank stealing next month's rent. I haven't seen Dabi since and frankly it really hurt. He had at least pestered me when I was down, though for a while I hated him. He had left a part of me torn and a month later it was still just hanging there. I was supposed to be ruthless a cold-blooded killer, but I missed him especially since we had only just started to have mutual feelings for each other.

I grabbed the money and headed out. Before long I had made it back to my apartment. Placing the money in a safe I went to get washed up. As soon as I started the shower a chill ran through my back. Someone was here, and I don't think it is the Delivery guy. "You know... It took a while to find you, but you are getting sloooppy" An all too familiar voice said from behind me. It had been too long and I wanted nothing more than to go and kiss the man who seemed determined to kill me. "Get out," I said to the man. I felt two arms wrap around my waist and I melted. "Please leave" I whispered.

Dabi put his face into my neck and kissed me. "Why did you leave me" I shivered from the kiss and my body leaned into his touch. "Why did Kurogiri want me to die, because I am the weak link" I said with malice.  Dabi span me around and grabbed my face. 

"What are you talking about? Kamalani was unessential you were perfect" I looked away from his eyes. I wanted to scream for him to leave for him to never come back but I couldn't.

"Right" He moved my face, so I was looking at him. 

"It has always been you" He leaned in and kissed me gently at first, thinking that I was going to hit him or something, but my body was too weak to fight at this moment. "I love you, you dummy" He kissed me again this time a longer more defined kiss. A kiss that told me the truth. He did love me, and I had screwed up. "I'm sorry," I said looking down. "Don't EVER apologize to me ever" he said strictly. I sniffled and kissed him. "I Love you" He smiled and carried me over to my couch. I didn't want to pretend that I was fine. I had been fighting for so long over something so stupid. It was a misunderstand and I had screwed it all up. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck as a few tears made their way out of me. "I won't ever leave again" He chuckled from beneath me. 

"I know, I won't ever let you" I smiled squeezing him tighter. Everything was going to be better. We would be better. I fell asleep in his arms releasing all the stress from not being near him for so long. I would never go back to being alone again.


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