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JAZEON STARED AT THE PLATE IN FRONT OF HIM, HE DID TALK WITH BARTY EARLIER, And it was fun being sarcastic to a boy who didn't know sarcasm

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JAZEON STARED AT THE PLATE IN FRONT OF HIM, HE DID TALK WITH BARTY EARLIER, And it was fun being sarcastic to a boy who didn't know sarcasm. As Regulus and Barty engaged to an intresting conversation about something called a hippogriff.

And even though the topic was kinda intresting, Jazeon had so much in mind, His hands shaking nervously as he grabbed another fork of waffles. Jazeon shuts his eyes close, hoping that that will calm him down at least even a bit.

"You can do it."

A familiar voice rang to his head, Alerting him almost immediately, he opened his eyes looking all around searching for the source of voice. But instead, seeing no trace. He shuts his eyes again, his hand rubbing circles on his temple. But no, nothing returned.

It must have been Cahlby.

The first thing that rang to Jazeon's mind, And chose to settle to that idea instead. As Jazeon opened his eyes, Instead of seeing the hall full of people eating breakfast and chatting, he saw nothing but utter darkness. It made him confused on where the hell he was.

"Hello?" he called out, not really hoping to get a reply. He got no response as he just stood there. Then a little boy, about an inch shorter than Regulus stood at the middle of the utter room of darkness.

The boy had nothing but black eyes, the palest skin Jazeon had ever seen, the skin looked so cold as a dead person. A pit of dark shaggy greasy hair looking hair the boy had, wearing jungle colored green shorts that reached above his knees. His knees. It looked so thin, the boy looked about skin and bones.

Wearing a plain yellow childish shirt, but the thing about his clothes were, it was ripped and had dirt stains on it, and the boy was wearing no shoes, just bare feet. That was definitely creepy.

"Hello." Greeted the boy, but it wasn't the nice innocent tone he heard from most kids his age. The boy sounded like someone was talking with him, like his voice was double, the voice was alien like, but still sounded like a child's voice nonetheless, just with a fake innocent act.

"Who are you??" Jazeon Demanded, he couldn't help but shiver at the presence of the kid. It was so cold, he could smell a nasty smelling scent. Like a rotten body.

"I'm Kurt." Was the only thing the boy said. Jazeon was craving for answers and where the hell he was. "You're in your head." Answered the boy, seemingly to read Jazeon's expression.

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