Chapter 3

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As soon as Nicolai came out from the house, he knew that his mate was somewhere in the crowd. He could smell her scent, a sweet fragrance that reached to all his senses, and drove him wild. He wasn’t happy. His mate was here, and soon he would meet her and…Nicolai ripped the thought out from his head, he didn’t want to think about it. He approached the podium and turned to look at all the women sitting down. Cameron stood behind him.

“It is a pleasure to have you all here,” he forced the words out “you are probably wondering why you are all here” he stopped for a second, and continued “It has come to me, by the elders, that it is time…to find my mate” he felt himself struggle as he said that last part.

There was a wave of whispers; all women began to chatter with one another. He fisted his hands as he tried hard to not flee from there.

“This procedure will be easy,” he spoke once he had regained his strength, the chatter stopped and all women turned to look at him “you will be called in alphabetical order by last name and step forward to the front of the podium” he paused “I promise you to be a quick process” once he had finished Cameron placed himself next to the podium and began calling names.

“Amelia Andrews”

Nicolai watched as a pretty blonde stood up, and walked to the front. It wasn’t her, she smelled different. Her scent wasn’t as sweet and delightful as his mate’s. In fact, he found her scent detestable. She stopped and looked at him with a smile and gleaming eyes.

“No” he said shaking his head. Her smile dropped and she sadly turned to walk away.

“Josephine Archer”

Nicolai sighed as he saw that this would take much more time that what he had expected.

Cameron kept calling the girls, and each of them he said no. It was killing him, he wanted to get this over with. Her scent….her scent, it was driving him to the point of madness. He wanted to touch her, to feel her, to kiss her and make her his. He gulped, hard. He promised himself that as soon as he found her he would appease his hunger and take her, slow, hard, fast, all at the same time.

“Jessica Bayle” Cameron called.

Nicolai hissed under his breath, he did not know how much longer he could take.

Minutes passed, and his hunger increased second by second.

“Gia Chanel”

He watched as a beautiful dark haired woman with pale blue eyes stepped up. She was charming, attractive, but he felt nothing for her.

“No” he said. She turned and walked away.

Nicolai took a deep breath and waited for Cameron to continue, but he didn’t. He turned to look at his friend, and found him staring at the woman. His eyes followed her every movement.

“Cameron” he called out. Cameron snapped out of his trance, cleared his throat and continued.

“Celine Chandler”

The minutes went by, and the torture continued.

“Cassidy Dean”

Nicolai felt like millions of girl presented themselves to him. His yearning rose faster and faster. Every breath he took the desire incremented, and no longer did he wanted to take his mate once, but as many times as he wished. Giving and taking all the pleasure she had to give. Nicolai swore under his breath as he grew more excited.

“Jasmine Palm”

He inhaled and exhaled, but that did him no good.

A thin young woman stood in front of him.

“No” he said with effort, trying to concentrate on his surroundings rather than that delicious scent that aroused him and his inner wolf.

“Linda Palin” Cameron continued. On and on the names went. On and on he said ‘no’ to all of them.

“Marilyn Race”

“Carly Rader”

“Carolina Rae”

“Helen Ramsey”

“Selene Reed”

Nicolai sucked a breath as he saw the most marvelous and exquisite sight he had ever beheld. She had the finest dark brown hair that reached to her breasts. Green eyes that he could happily get lost into. A gentle and slender figure. He found himself craving to touch her caramel skin, and kissing those sweet full lips that seemed to call for him.

She stopped and stared down.

Nicolai was speechless. He was shocked that such small figure could hold unto such beauty.

Selene, he recalled her name, just the thought of her name stirred up emotions he had never felt before. She looked up to see him and their eyes met. Nicolai slowly walked towards her, he saw her shiver, and felt the need to wrap her into his arms.

“You are my mate” he finally said.

* * * * * *

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