Gia snorted, “We came all the way here for him to find his mate” she complained.

“Do you think we can sneak out of here” Selene whispered to her friend. Both of them turned to look back to where the cars were parked. There was a line of six tall and muscular men standing between the pack house’s front yard and all the parked cars. They both turned back around dropping into their chairs and sighing.

“Guess not” Selene said.

“This procedure will be easy,” he continued, all girls stopped their chatter and turned to look at him “you will be called in alphabetical order by last name and step forward to the front of the podium” he stopped for a minute “I promise you to be a quick process” with this being said, the blonde man walked to the side of the podium with a clipboard at hand.

 “Amelia Andrews” He called.

“Oh boy,” Gia whispered to Selene “prepare yourself to stay for hours”

“Josephine Archer” He continued.

“He better find his mate soon” Selene complained. Gia nodded.

Selene watched as girl by girl walked to the front and every each of them he told no.

“Jessica Bayle” the calling continued. Again every girl called was rejected.

“Gia Chanel” the blonde man called.

Gia stood up from her seat “I’ll meet you at the car” she said to Selene, and walked to the front. Selene watched as the guy said no, and Gia walked away.

Everything was quiet for a minute. “Cameron” the man at the podium called. Immediately the blonde guy cleared his throat and continued to call on the girls.

“Celine Chandler”

Selene closed her eyes and waited for her name to be said. Minutes ticked by, but every minute felt like hours to Selene.

“Cassidy Dean”

“Can’t this go any faster?” Selene complained. She rested her head against the chair and heard every name be called, every girl walked, and every single one of them rejected.

Minutes ticked by. One hour passed.

“Jasmine Palm”

Selene sighed, opening her eyes and staring as a thin young woman walked to the front.

“No” the guy said, and the girl turned around and left.

  “Linda Palin”

The names kept going. Finally he reached the R’s.

“Marilyn Race”

“Carly Rader”

“Carolina Rae”

“Helen Ramsey”

“Selene Reed” he called out.

Selene stood up and walked to the front of the podium. She stopped and looked down, waiting to hear the ‘no’ from the man, but he didn’t say anything. Selene looked up to see the handsome guy looking at her with shock and….desire.

He leisurely walked to where she stood, his closeness making her shudder.

“You are my mate” he spoke at last.

* * * * * *

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