Chapter 2

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“Everything is ready for the meeting” Cameron stood next to his alpha. He was looking out the window, watching as thousands of women parked in front of the pack house and waited for the meeting to start.

“Are they all here?” Nicolai asked.

“No, some are still on their way”

“Do they know why they are here?”

“They don’t have a clue” Cameron said with a smirk.

Nicolai nodded. The time had come for him to find his mate, the woman who would become the alpha female of the pack. He had not expected for this to come so soon, but the elders had decided that it had to be now. Nicolai growled, he did not wish to find his mate, not like this.

“Why don’t you have a drink, maybe it will calm you down for a while” Cameron suggested as he heard his growl.

Nicolai nodded. “Yeah, a drink sounds fine” he said stepping away from the window.

* * * * * *

“Alright, here we are” Selene said parking her truck in front of the pack house.

“There are many women out there” Gia said looking out the window.

“And not a single man,” Selene watched as all women walked to the front yard of the pack house and seated themselves in chairs facing a podium “Come on, let’s go find a seat” she said coming out of the truck.

“Weird,” Gia replied as they walked to a pair of chairs on at the last row “I can’t smell any mated woman in this whole crowd”

“Me neither” Selene replied back.

“What do you think this whole meeting is about?” Selene asked as they sat down.

“Don’t know, but I have a feeling we will soon find out” Gia answered pointing her finger to the podium. Selene turned to look as two tall, well-built men walked towards the podium. The one at the front had short black hair, sky blue eyes, and a stubble beard. He was wearing a loose black shirt and a black denim jean. His face was very serious, and did not look happy. The one behind him had short blonde hair, darker blue eyes, and a shorter stubble beard. He had a white blouse with blue jeans. He showed no expression at all.

The black-haired guy took a stand at the podium, while the other took place behind him.

“It is a pleasure to have you all here,” his words appear forced “you are probably wondering why you are all here” he had a deep sexy voice that made Selene tingle.

He continued, “It has come to me, by the elders, that it is time…to find my mate” he struggled at that last part.

At this revelation the women began to whisper to one another, there was a wave of “I hope it’s me”s and “Oh my god”s.

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