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LORELAI'S MOM WAS HER ALARM CLOCK. She got home at six in the morning and always managed to close the front door just that little bit too loud that Lorelai's eyes snapped open with a start. She was met with Jackie Phan's voice, quietly hissing profanities. "Morning mom!" Lorelai called to her mother in a sleepy voice as she pulled the duvet away from her legs, immediately being met with the cold air. The Phan house had never been a warm one, but Lorelai didn't mind, it just meant that she could wrap up nice and warm.

Jackie was sat at the kitchen table, pouring herself some cereal. "Morning Lori," Jackie sighed, looking up from her bowl to see her daughter slowly walking towards her as she stretched her arms over her head and let out a loud yawn. Jackie got up to make the coffe, giving Lorelai a quick peck on the cheek along her way. Lorelai scrunched her face up at the kiss, making them both grin. "You sleep okay?" Jackie asked her daughter, looking over her shoulder.

No. That was what Lorelai wanted to say. She was too shaken up to sleep for longer than an hour. "Like a log," Lorelai answered, taking her seat at the kitchen table. The kitchen was small, just like the rest of the house, but it suited them just fine. "Anything exciting happen at the hospital?" Lorelai asked, smiling up at her mom as she slid a cup of coffee over to her.

Jackie laughed at the question, thinking back to the night before. "Another owl attack," she informed the sixteen year old, who gasped happily, an amused expression taking over her features. "I knew you'd like that," Jackie chuckled, taking a sip of the bitter coffee. Jackie had her coffee black, very strong, very bitter. Lorelai had her coffee black too, but with two sugars. Her dad had a mixture of the two.

"I have a theory about the owl attacks," Lorelai grinned, hugging her knees to her chest as she took a sip of the sugary beverage.

"Do tell," Jackie encouraged.

Lorelai leaned forward slightly, prompting Jackie to do the same, as if the latter were about to tell some huge secret. "I think it's the same owl and it has some weird vendetta against humans," she admitted, in a joking tone that caused her mom to burst out laughing, throwing her head back in the process.

"You're probably right," Jackie chuckled, pushing her hair back. She suddenly let out a loud yawn, making Lorelai frown down at her hands. Their time together had been cut short.

"You should get to bed," Lorelai spoke up, offering her mom a little smile, even though it wasn't sincere. She wished she could spend just a little bit more time with her, but she had to sleep.

Jackie nodded her head before pushing herself up from her chair. "You're right," she spoke in a tired voice, leaning over to kiss the girl on the forehead. "See you later Lori," she smiled down at her daughter before disappearing down the hall.

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