Chapter One: The Best Friends

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The wind blows hard against the house causing a loud howling noise to blow though the attic where Harper McCain lays in her bed. Having lived in the old house for many years the noise never bothered the 19 year old. She just continues to read her book about a haunted house as the sound got worst.

A creek in the attic stairs doesn't even catch her attention as she was engrossed in the book. A shadow appears in front of her but quickly disappears. This catch's Harper's attention. She looks up from book and sees no one. Just the empty attic. Alone. Or so she thinks. A hand reached out and grabbed the book from her hand causing the girl to let out a scream.

"You know this shit will mess with your mind." The man says as he lays down on the bed in front of Harper tossing the book to the floor.

"You lost my spot you asswipe!" Harper yells reaching for the book, but the man pulls her back on the bed and crawls on top of her.

"You'll find it again" he whispers to her leaning in like he might just kiss her.

"Get off me you whore," she says shoving him off.

"I'm only a whore for you,"

"Tell that to the stream of women constantly fallowing you, your evil Gavin Davis. Pure evil." She sad crawling on top of him with a flirty grin. He moves his hands to her hips and moves her shirt so his fingers touch her skin.

"How am I evil? I just give them what they want, even if that don't know it yet!" Gavin laughs.

"And then you leave them and never talk to them again." She says leaning down and putting her head on his chest. The wind howls louder out side causing Gavin to pull her closer. "How did we end up this close Gavin? It's weird."

"Well I think it's start you were dating my best friend and I was dating yours and then they fuck us both over. So I took you to Pizza Hut and you cried while I ate cheese bread, and the rest is history." He says rubbing her back. "How can you stand that howling?"

"I've heard it for nineteen years I just kinda ignore it." She says standing up from the bed and grabbing her boots with fringe all around them.

"I hate those fucking boots, their fucking ugly." Gavin says sitting up.

"Good thing I'm not trying to impress you." She winks at him.

"Listen I found a couple places I think you might want to go tonight." He says standing up.

"Where? Are they spooky?" Harper asks wiggling her fingers in Gavin's face as if to be sprinkling dark magic on him.

"Yes, very spooky, and very haunted." Gavin says as they walk down the stairs.

"Where are they?"

"The middle of no where," they walk outside to Gavin's 1999 Dodge flatbed.

"You're finally gonna murder me aren't you?" Harper asks as Gavin opens the passenger door for her.

"You know it Sweet-Tits," Gavin winks as she gets in. He shuts the door and gets in the drives side and starts the truck. Harper immediately turns on the heat as they could see their breath. "You cold?" Harper nods holding her hands to the heater even though the heat had yet to makes it way through the vents, just ice cold air. "It's a diesel Harper it's gonna be an hour before it heats up, just side over here I'll keep you warn." He winks at her. Harper rolls her eyes but never the less slides over and putting the shifter between her legs. Gavin takes off and shifts gears as they go down the road. Harper was always amazed with how well Gavin drove, he never messed up and he always seemed to be in a trace when he drove; like he was in love with the sound of the truck. Or maybe he was just in love with the truck.

Once he had gotten to a place where he didn't have to shift as much he swings his arm around Harper, puller her close. Keeping her warm just as he said.

Harper watches at the bright fall colored tree's pass listening to the soft sound of Garth Brooks, Gavin's favorite, play over the radio. Harper has lived in this town for her whole life and it never ceases to amaze her how beautiful it gets in the fall time. They drove to the outside of town and pulled down a dirt road towards the river. Gavin pulls into a large field next to the fast moving water. In the field was a large brick building, it looked like a house but it wasn't a house.

"You picked such a pretty place to murder me!" Harper giggled getting out of the truck.

"Only the best for my best friend," Gavin chuckled wrapping his arm around her pulling her to the building.

"So what is this?"

"It was a building for the old locks that were here long time ago. Now it's just a place to fuck and have parties; or both." Harper laughed at Gavin as he smirked remembering the wild parties he went to in the building.

"You're horrible," Harper said slipping out from Gavin's arm and taking off into the building though a window.

"Watch our for the ghost!" Gavin calls after her and he runs after her into the house. When he got though the window he saw nothing, he heard nothing.

"Harper?" He called out looking for the small brunette girl. "Come out where ever you are!"

Still silence, not even the sound of her walking around. Gavin walked up the stairs to the second floor where a large opening was in the wall. He looked out the window watching a barge go down the river.

"Found you!" Harper yells from behind him, causing him to jump and lose his footing on the edge of the opening. Harper reached for him but missed his arm by an inch as he fell.

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