Chapter 12

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Reader's POV
I picked up Chompette and held her against the Goombas and Koopas, forcing them all away. As Booette picked us up, we tried to make our get away until a small vehicle came rushing in, shooting a small canon ball at Booette, forcing her to phase through it and drop us

Chompette fell ontop of my and I heard a quiet giggle as Bowser JR hopped up from the small kart.

Bowser JR: There you are!
(YN): JR?!
Bowser JR: Mhm! You needs you to come back to the chamber
(YN): Why would I come back?!
Bowser JR: Why not..?
(YN): That's not a counter agrument!

JR only sighed as she fired another canon ball and used some claws from the kart to try and grab me. I ran out of the way and hid behind the thrown, just for the Canon ball to crush it.

Bowser JR: Cmon! If I capture you then I'll get my switch back!
(YN): No!

I started to bolt away as Bowser JR raced after me. With Chompette and Booette after me, We ran through halls while we looked for a way out.

(YN): Can't you just fly out?!
Booette: I-I'm not leaving you two with h-her!
Chompette: Bark Bark!

I groaned loudly and continued running until we ran into a corner. We turned around, just for claws to grab me and Chompette and Booette to be caught inside a bottle.

Bowser JR: I can't believe it was that easy! Switch, here I come!

Bowser JR held us in the grips of the claws as she put the bottle into the kart. She ordered the Goombas to leave the castle as it started to come crumbling down.

Once Bowser JR made it to her battle ship, she got out of the kart and started to walk it towards the much larger one.

(YN): What do you want with us?!
Bowser JR: I dunno. Mom wanted you
(YN): for what?!
Bowser JR: Well.. She didnt tell me. All she said is to bring you to her
Chompette: Bark Bark!
Bowser JR: She just wanted (YN). Though having the queen of boos and the queen of chain chomps on our side would give us an edgein conquering the kingdom
Booette: wait.. Y-You understand her?
Bowser JR: um... Yea?

Me and Booette siged as I struggled against the claw. Chompette was biting through the grip. Booette couldn't seem to phase through the bottle either. The claw suddenly threw me into a green pipe, sending me to the other battle ship.

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