"I Love You"

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The music is soft as it flows from the rafters over the congregation of party goers. The charmed lights and silver snitches flicker and flutter in the air surrounding the tents, ready to glow at a moments notice once the sun begins to set later. Draco's robes are perfectly pressed and gleaming, even though both he and Harry have only opted for a soft cream color as opposed to the typical pearlescent white of weddings and funerals. He plucks a nonexistent piece of lint from his shoulder before continuing through the manor's gardens to find anyone else.

"The maze and mausoleum are clear of guests," Harry says when he finally runs up to his husband's left, he hasn't quite put on his own wedding robes. They haven't gotten around to renewing their vows yet, but so many reporters had showed up that many of the guests that were actually supposed to be there were being sent to the least crowded areas on the lot as trick.

They'd found 4 people in the surrounding forests alone.

"I will say, I hadn't expected to be working on my wedding day."

"I told you we should have hired someone from the DMLE to watch the perimeters," says Draco crossing his arms and looking over their property "Mother's going to be absolutely livid. She still haven't forgiven the bastards for destroying the rose bushes she planted in the front garden."

"Then I should probably go stop them from trying to catch the sodding peacocks too."

Harry kisses Draco's cheek then he's off again.

Draco thinks it's different loving someone after you've saved their life enough times. Before, even after years of marriage there was always that part of him that still thought Harry pitied him. That Harry was with him out of obligation. Out of an idea of keeping him safe. But Harry was the one in trouble back at the ministry the past week and although Draco had saved him— saved the whole fucking DMLE if Weasley was to be believed— Draco would have gladly given his life to protect his husband. He had never felt pity after saving Harry. He'd only felt glad that he was okay.

He watches as Harry speaks pleasantly to his mother as the pale white peacocks flock around him as a thanks for saving them from reporters probably, and he can't help but be so happy that he gets to marry him again. In front of everyone.

Draco wonders if this is how Harry always feels when he takes care of him. Proud not pitiful.

Harry catches his eye from across the yard and smiles with a wave. His mother looks over and raises her champagne flute and he smiles as he lifts a hand in acknowledgement to both of them.

He turns and makes his rounds through the yard again, putting up any extra repelling charms and taking a few moments to listen to the band practice. They have Kingsley coming to renew their vows and he wonders if the man will say something about marrying them in secret the first time. If he'll mention who they were before the war, before each other. If he'll talk about how proud he is of them. Draco doesn't think he could take it if he does. The mascara and eye liner Pansy and Luna have helped him with definitely won't. Especially if he really gets the tears going.

He knows Harry will say he looked good either way, but he would rather not have his wedding portrait look like he's utterly sad and unkempt especially when he looks at Harry and feels the complete opposite.

He wonders if Harry will cry like he did the first time. He wonders if Mother will, though he doubts it. His father was the more vocal of the two.

When he makes it back to the main area of the back garden, Harry is nowhere to be found which means Hermione has finally forced him to get dressed.

Draco looks over and watches his mother greet guest after guest at the gate. Her posture is perfect, he head is held high, and the onky sign that she'd had any drink at all was the slight tinge of color high on her cheeks. Her smile however, was soft and bright as she let each friend into the yard. He doesn't think he's seen her smile like that since he was a child and the feeling to cry fills him almost to the brim again before he's able to shake it off. He'd never thought his own happiness would be enough to make other people so happy, but then he thinks of Harry and he sees his mother's soft smile and he wants to cry in elation.

He doesn't.

The music begins to start the ceremony and he watches as Harry rushes around towards the altar to stand and wait for him with nothing but love in his eyes.

He shouldn't feel so close to tears seeing Harry look at him like that. He's done this before. They've been here before. But something about doing it in front of all their friends and family this time strikes a cord with him.

It tells him that Harry is going to be here. Has always been there.

The first tear falls when his mother grabs onto his arm lightly and leads him towards his husband as the music lulls them forward.

"Your father would be proud of you," she whispers into his ear. "You and Harry..."

"Mother," he whines because he didn't want to cry today.

"It's always been him, my dragon. You're the first wizard he ever properly met. That says something about the imprint you've had on his heart. The one he's had on yours."

Another tear falls as she gets him to the altar. She pulls a handkerchief out of seemingly thin air and pats lovingly at his face before kissing both he and Harry on the cheek then taking her seat in the front row next to Pansy and Theo and Blaise and Greg and Millie and the rest of his friends who'd been there from the beginning. Ron and Hermione sat on the other side of the aisle where Harry's family and friends were. Even if they'd all become family and friends after more than 5 years together.

Harry grabs his hands as Kingsley clears his throat and begins talking to the crowd. Draco and Harry only have eyes for each other.

"I love you," Harry whispers and Draco doesn't think he's ever been so happy.

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