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SCHOOL- Monday
Everyone was a little hung over after Leah's party, but no one was as hungover as You and Judd. For the rest of the party you and him sat in his room, watching Netflix and drinking JD bottle after bottle. In total you drank about 10 bottles between you.
You both passed out after a while, but Leah made sure to put a blanket on the both of you and get you both a glass of water for when you woke up.
"Ughhhhhh" Judd moaned as he woke up. "Whattt?!" You said also moaning. "It's too brightttt!"He said. You opened your eyes and immediately regretted it. "OWWW!" You whined. Leah just stood in the door way laughing at what she was watching.
"C'mon, we need to get to school." She said.
'Oh shit!' You thought. "Judd..."
"Yes YN?" He said, his full attention on you. "I don't have any clothes... can I borrow some of yours? I can wear the jeans but my top... um..." you then featured to your top which had spilt Jack Daniels all over it. Judd just chuckled and went to find you a top

You put it on and fixed up your hair and makeup before heading outside

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You put it on and fixed up your hair and makeup before heading outside.
"Hey YN, sorry but I've got no space in my car, I have to take nick and his friend and I have loads of stuff in the back I need for school. But I'm sure Judd will drive you..." she says with a wink. You just rolled your eyes and walked over back over to Judd. "Leah has no space in the car, can you drive me?" You asked with puppy eyes. "Of course gorgeous." He said and grabbed your chin, giving you a kiss on the lips. You smiled and made your way into he car.
"What song do you want?" He asked turning to look at you whilst you plugged in your seatbelt. "Hmmm... I don't mind." You said shrugging your shoulders. Judd then put on Look at me by XXXTENTACION ~{A/N R.I.P I love X's music and can't believe he's gone😢❤️}~
The drive to school took about 20 mins and when we got there we hopped out of the car and he snaked his arm around my waist.
Some people stared at us. Mostly wondering why YN LN was coming to school with Judd Birch. But they chose to ignore it. You made your way to lesson, science.

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