Chapter Twenty

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I was disappointed when we pulled into my driveway. I had so much fun at Diner Diner with Liam and I didn't want it to end.

"Thanks for bringing me to the Diner. It really got my mind off of school and all the drama that comes with it." I said, prolonging my time with Liam.

He gave me a small smile, "No problem. I had a lot of fun, that place is really cool."

I grinned at his response, I'm glad someone else thinks it's great too. Most of the time people think Diner Diner is childish and lame.

"I should go." I muttered, although I really didn't want to. Something about Liam was making me feel safe and happy, but once I stepped out of his car I'd be back to reality and worried about school tomorrow and all the gang stuff that hasn't been resolved yet.

He nodded in agreement, "We should do that again though. Go back to Diner Diner I mean."

"Yeah, we should." I agreed, then opened the door and got out.

"See you tomorrow." I bid him goodbye, closing the car door once I heard his "Bye."

I quickly made my way up the driveway and smiled when I noticed dad's car. I haven't really talked to him much lately, maybe we could watch a movie together or something. I miss him.

"I'm home." I called out once I entered the house and closed the door behind me.

"I'm in the living room." Dad called back.

I kicked off my shoes and headed for the living room without responding.

"How was school today?" He asked when I plopped down on the couch beside him.

"School was okay. I learnt some things, got some homework, the usual." I replied, withholding the part about kissing Liam and the rumours now going around about me. He doesn't need to know about that.

"Learn anything interesting?" He questioned.

I laughed, "Are we really going to talk about school?"

He laughed too, "I guess that's not the most entertaining topic."

There was a short pause between us before dad spoke again.

"So your birthday is coming up, do you have any plans yet?"

I sighed, October thirty-first, my birthday, also known as Halloween. As a kid no one ever wanted to come to my birthday parties because everyone goes trick or treating. And then once everyone got too old for that they all wanted to go to Halloween parties instead.

"I have no plans, like always." I answered. When I was younger it bothered me that I never got to celebrate my birthday but I got used to it.

I couldn't blame Steph and Lisa for wanting to party instead of hang out with me, and they always ask me if I wanted to go to parties with them, but I always said no. High school parties don't seem all that fun to me.

"We could have a Scream marathon. I'll take the day off of work and everything. It'll be just like when you were younger and we'd watch movies all day." Dad suggested and my heart warmed at how much he cared.

"That sounds perfect." I smiled at the idea of watching movies with my dad and eating a bunch of junk food.

"I can't believe my little girl is almost seventeen." Dad said, nostalgia lacing his tone, and it looked as if he was daydreaming about something. Probably remembering when I was younger.

I nodded in agreement, "Where's the time gone?" 

Less than two years of high school left and then I'm off to college and fending for myself. I'm going to be an adult soon and it's terrifying.

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