Chapter 27

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I really like this chapter :) Here's the questions of the chapter:

FOR DANCERS: What's your favorite thing to wear to dance? Mine is my black cut off tights, black dance shorts, sports bra, and a tank top or crop top. Oh and barefeet. Sadly, there's a dress code at my studio and we must wear a leotard with no shirts over it and shoes except in contemporary.

FOR NON-DANCERS: What's your favorite thing to wear? I really like jean vests and Converse. And tank tops.


Chapter 27

I took a deep breath and wiped the sweat off my brow. Rehearsal seemed tougher than usual today, despite the fact that I knew I Want inside and out. The only reason we even had to rehearse was to get the feel of this stage and for me to learn the new layout. Apparently, once they started the tour, they decided that I Want would be set up like a fancy dinner, so now we had this huge table with chairs to work with. They had changed it the two nights I danced with them in New York so that I wouldn’t kill myself trying to work around the new props, but now it was all back to normal.

I now had a whole stunt bit across and off the table, consisting of two front aerials then into a handstand for a second, then I had to let my legs fall into a split and then I had to get back on my feet and back-flip off the table. Good thing I was pretty good at acrobatic tricks. Oh and all that stuff had to be maneuvered around the props on the table. It was quite stressful, but Dani had faith in me.

“Kor, do you think you got the stunts?” Danielle asked after gathering the girls back up.

“Let me try one more time.” I walked around to the end of the table I started at, taking Danielle’s (who was acting as Niall) hand and stepping onto the chair then onto the table top. I did all the tricks then flipped off the prop, landing in a deep plié . I nodded to Dan when I landed. “Yeah, I’m good.”

“Alright, then I guess we are done for now.” Danielle looked at her watch. “The boys should be done with their interview and they have sound check in an hour, so I say we go back to the hotel and shower and start preparing for tonight, okay?”

We all cheered, clapping our hands. The sound echoed through the empty auditorium.

“Good job, ladies, you all smashed it today!” Danielle dismissed us.

I hopped off the edge of the stage, heading to the seat where I had piled all my stuff. My phone was ringing when I got there so I grabbed it and my water bottle out of my bag. I didn’t recognize the number, but I answered it anyway.


“Going clubbing now, are we?”

I raised my brows as I took a swallow of my water. “Excuse me? Who is this?”

“Take a wild guess, Benson.”

I almost choked. “CLARA?!”


“How did you know I went clubbing? Wait, how the heck did you get this number?”

“You dad isn’t very good at keeping secrets. There’s a nice picture of you and this guy getting pretty close at some club in Dallas going around on the internet.”

“What guy-Crud! That was definitely not what it looks like. Wait, why am I bothering to explain this to you?”

“How should I know? Anyway, don’t get too attached to your boyfriend. We’re in the airport of London about to fly to Dallas as we speak and as soon as we find you that boy will be mine.”

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