Chapter 21

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You were laying down on the couch until you fell off when you heard a girl screaming. You then heard another scream this was a boy.

You cautiously walked out of the living room you then heard another scream this another girl. You recognize the scream.... it was raven.

You ran out of the hallway to see raven on the ground. You slowly walked over then kneed down to raven, her eye where close and her skin was cold, you also felt something wet on your hand.

You looked at your hands it was..... blood. Your hands started to shake as you realized that raven was dead.

You got up from the ground and started to panic as you saw starfire's room door open. You ran into her room only to find her with blood on her with stomach ripped open, her guys spilling out of her stomach.

You fell on to the floor. You ran out of the room then suddenly trip then got up the floor and into beastboy's room only to find him also dead this time with his eyes gouged out and neck ripped out.

You then heard another scream this time it was Robin, you quickly ran into Robin's roon only to see him with blood all over and bleeding from the mouth. You ran over to him.

Robin: y....y/n y..ou ...

And before you could ask who's doing this he dies. You nearly scream your head off. You heard a blaster sound coming from the down the hall, you ran out to see cyborg's  and someone else shadow. Cyborg was on the floor and crawling away from the person until cyborg let a painful scream until he stop.

You saw the shadow walk out of the hallway and saw cyborg red eye rolling out the hall. You backed into a corner and started to cry unil..

?: Y/n help us!!!

You recognize that the scream was kuki and it came out. Not losing anyone else, you ran out into the living room and then jumps out of the window.

After jumping out of the window, you uses your water powers to catch you before landing on your feet.

But you were to late. You saw nigel, hoagie, kuki, walley and abby's sliced off. You felt something grab your neck.

?: hello, y/n

You knew that voice all to well it was slade with a sword in hand. Before he could stab you with the sword, you woke up on the couch screaming while laying raven's lap.

Raven: y/n! Come down you're okay!!

You looked into her eyes with teary eyes then hugged her while crying into her shoulder.


After that nightmare you just had, you were just sitting in the couch. You heard someone come in and it was beastboy.

Beastboy: hey little dude are you okay?

You didn't say anything as you just looked at the floor making beastboy worry but then he remembered something.

Beastboy: hey cyborg's been working on something, do wanna go see it.

You slowly turned your head then nodded before getting up from the couch.

You followed beastboy into the hallway to see a door that wasn't there before.

The door opened to see a room with green lantern and bed with a flew shelves and lap right next to it.

The door opened to see a room with green lantern and bed with a flew shelves and lap right next to it

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You turn around to see cyborg smiling, you ran up to him and gave him a hug

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