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The garden we were standing at the front of, looked amazing even when the big curved doors made with gold were closed. I saw men approaching and opening it. I gasped so loud that everyone turned around to face what had happened. My face reddened in embarrassment and I could feel heat crawling up my cheeks and ears, maybe feeling my discomfort, Xander shot one glare to all the people and they turned around doing all of their works immediately.

"Oh heavens! This place looks so beautiful!" I couldn't stop myself from expressing my true feelings and ran as fast as I could towards the garden as soon as the gates opened and men turned to the sides and left us there.

I faintly heard Robert laughing behind me and muttering words like 'never changing' but I don't care, this is the best place I have ever seen, even best than the library I have seen in the palace. The one thing that I love the most are flowers. Oh how beautiful they are.

Thousands and thousands of colourful flowers and if I could I would have smelled all of them but unfortunately I cannot. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my back. A warm one. Normally I would have felt uncomfortable with someone touching me but warmness spread through me making me think oddly that I like to be touched by that particular person.

I turned around and saw Xander looking at me with a smile as he slowly lifted his arms and circled them around my waist, his eyes asking for approval, I don't know what get to me but I just let him hold me. My emotions for him are getting stronger and stronger till this day and now he is successful in holding me without any of my protest. My nerves jumbling up but calmed the minute when the rhythm of his heart matched mine.

At first, Xander was really bad towards me not physically but emotionally and then things took a turn towards worse and he abused me physically as well as mentally but after me getting out of dungeon, I saw a change in him, in his eyes, a good change for which I fall dearly and I say I don't regret it a bit. Love is a precious feeling and I have felt it for the first time and I want to spend each and every fiber in me to bask in that beautiful yet terrifying feeling.

A shiver ran down my spine as he held me from my back, his front to my back and slowly nuzzled his face in my neck, maybe that was what made me get out of his hold before I melted more into his arms. Even though it felt good but it was wrong on so many levels. The first level bring that I still don't know the truth and the second being that I am a princess, I can't possibly let a man touch me who is not my husband or betrothed.

"I am sorry, I know I should have not done that" I still didn't turn around to face him because I was more than embarrassed, then I remembered about Robert and that he is still standing here somewhere, maybe watching us. My eyes flew to search my surroundings but found him nowhere in sight. My confused face looked at Xander who looked as calm as ice and decided to ask him about Robert.

"Where is Robert? He was just here a few seconds ago?" I slowly started to panic thinking about the possibilities of what might have happened to him.

"He just went somewhere else to roam" His voice was calm, too calm and I knew there was something else to it. I huffed and decided to ask again because I am not proceeding further without him. He is my friend and I need to reassure myself of his safety and how much I hate it to say it but I don't trust Xander with Robert as they both don't like each other, it's obvious through their eyes, and Xander holds a power that can crush him if he makes a wrong move.

"I am asking again, Xander, Where is Robert, I am not going anywhere without him" I glared at him and folded my arms over my chest, possibly asking for my death as I dared to question the King again and glared at him. He sucked in a breath, I don't know why but his eyes turned stone cold then but not before showing me a emotion which I cannot comprehend. And yes I am asking for my death because the next moment, he looked annoyed as hell but still kept his posture straight.

"Why? Why do you care so much about him? I didn't even wanted him to tag along." He huffed and looked to the side, jaw clenched and hands in fist.

"Because he is my friend! And it's not always about what you want! Sometimes it's about what I want! I need to know where he is because I don't trust you with him!" I blurted out before I could even think what I was saying but instead of him being offended he looked eerily calmed, I don't know but this side of him scares me a little.

"You are right you should not trust me with him, at all" His reply was short and curt but my heart started beating faster because of the possibility of Rob being in danger. My chest bubbled with anger as I felt protectiveness waving over me for my friend, he has always been there for me and now it's my turn.

"You can't just possibly say that and shut up! I need a damn explaination for everything! Yet you don't answer me and I have already stopped asking because I am tired of finding things that no one is telling me! I am tired of acting okay when I am not! I try to start anew with you but again you go back to your cold self whenever I mention someone or somebody from my past! I just asked you a simple question about Rob's whereabouts and you can't even answer that!"

I gasped for air as I felt the need of oxygen while tears rolled down my cheeks in frustration and anger, my chest heaving up and down because of my sudden outburst. This started out as such a good day but now I can't even think of anything good. When the sun rose today I thought it will be a good day, and now when the sun is setting and colours are spreading   everywhere because of the sunset, it looks like it is taking all the happiness of today with it. But I was not done yet and I continued releasing my anger at a guilty looking King.

"I cannot and don't want to do this now and I wouldn't have bothered to start but you make me do it again and again" I accused him, poking my finger at his chest. I don't know what I am saying but my mind doesn't make sense now.

"I am ready to accept you as you wanted! But this time with my heart but how can I do it when you don't even want to accept my side, you keep truth from me, you cage me, you don't trust me around my people, you don't even respect my father nor my friend, you don't tell me the truth about what happened at my kingdom nor you allow anyone else to tell me about it! How do you expect me to accept you in a state like this where I cannot even accept myself!" I accused him more, tears falling down like a water fall and my face as red as a tomato but his eyes widen in utter shock and then when I registered that I accepted that I am ready to accept him. I wanted to smack myself hard but possibly cannot do it in a situation like this. But this all needed to be said or I would have suffocated because of keeping all this in me. He needs to know what bothers me, he just needs to know and he needs to fix it.

"You-you are ready to accept me?" He questioned, shock evident in his voice as he gripped both of my arms in his hand and squeezed them.

"I--I" I opened my mouth to say something but truth is that I had nothing to say so I decided it is the best to dodge that question.

"That is the only thing you get from my this big speech?" I narrowed my eyes at him and looked to the side, trying to ignore his stare but was impossible to do so when he was looking at me with so much intensity.

"I listened to every word you said" he answered and I looked In his eyes to find any trace of lie but he was stating truth. He still held me like I was going to disappear in thin ear if he let go and probably I would because of embarrassment.

"So? Now what?" I questioned him, calming down a little, forgetting about my confession to him for a while.

"I have made a decision" He answered my question and my heart starting beating faster than usual, hoping that the decision would be in my favour, hoping that everything will be fine. And when asked what his decision is, he replied with a curt nod and a better taste in his mouth.

"I will tell you everything"

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