The boy finally turned around to face me, while I was still on the ground speechless. He had white somewhat relaxed spiky hair that had a blueish tent if you looked really close, and bright blue eyes. He was wearing a sleeveless white vest that had the collor and end colored in yellow, with a black shirt underneath. Perfectly fitted blue jeans with long rectangular pockets and a black belt to hold them. White shoes with black stripes and a there was something that looked like a white cloth wrapped around the bottom half of his hand, stopping a little after his wrist.

The boy leaned down towards me holding out his hand to help me up. "You alright?" I took his hand as I nodded.

"Thank you," I said as he pulled me up to my feet.

"No problem," as he said this a boy with spiky brown hair came up running from behind the boy who saved me, he had what looked like a large silver key in his hand, with a gold hilt, and a chain hanging from it that looked like a mouse head with really round ears.

"Hey, Riku!" the boy panted as he ran. "Why did you just leave me in the dust like that?" he leaned over placing his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. Hmmm, so the boy saved me is named Riku.

"It's not my fault you're so slow and can't keep up."

"Am not!" the brown haired boy quickly stood up straight and crossed his arms. Then he looked passed Riku, over at me. "So who's this?"

"Right, I didn't catch your name?" Riku said looking to me.

"I'm Ayame."

"Nice to meet you Ayame, I'm Sora," the brown haired boy said.

"Nice to meet you Sora, Riku. Thank you again for saving me."


"So what sort of blade is that?" I looked at the his red and dark blue blade, that a white angel wing near the top of the blade, leading to a hilt that was half a white wing and half a bat wing. It was interesting to me.

"Oh this? Its my keyblade, I'm a wielder. It's name is 'way to the dawn'."

"A wielder?"

"it's a lot to explain.." then two other....people?? I suppose.. ran up behind Sora one was a duck and the other..looked like a dog.

"Sora, Riku!." The dog awkwardly goofy kind of way.

"There you are, we've been looking for you." When the duck spoke...he sounded a lot like a duck would sound if he could talk.

"Sorry guys," Sora said. "We were helping a friend," Sora gestured to me. "Donald, Goofy, this is Ayame."

"You mean I helped her," Riku cut in.

"Hello, " the dog said as he walked over to me and stretched out his hand to me. "I'm Goofy," he took my hand as I held it out. "Nice to meet you Ayame."

I laughed a little, "Hi there, Goofy."

"And I'm Donald!" the duck stomped,..or sort of waddled over to me and grabbed my hand shaking it.

"Nice to meet you Donald."

"We better go soon guys, we have things to do," Goofy said.

"Right," Riku said and turned to me. "Take care alright." then he and the others ran off in a direction turning around a corner. I walked out the doorway of the garden as my eyes followed them. Seeing them made me feel hopeless, and useless. Seeing Riku have the courage he did when facing those heartless made me see how naive I was to the existence of the heartless. I could have lost my heart today if it wasn't for Riku's courage. I felt like I had to change myself completely, so I could defend myself when it came down to it. I didn't want to feel useless. I didnt want to be sheltered off from the world, not knowing what's going on, or how to do anything. I had an urge to fight, to not let anything scare me, or stop me from doing anything.

I ran back out onto the streets and saw a clothing store. I felt as if I had to change my whole look, so I didn't seem to have or wouldnt show any weaknesses. I saw a brick on the ground and picked it up and chucked it through the window, shattering the glass. I jumped in and grabbed all different pieces of clothing, long gloves, a cloak, a frilly laced skirt..anything you could think of. I ran back into another room and put on the clothes and looked at the new person that was in the mirror.

The girl in the mirror had an edge, she was wearing a black leather sleeveless cloak, along with black gloves that had all the fingers holes missing exposing the four fingers, but leaving the thumb hole cut exposing half of it. They came up to her elbows with little buckles to fasten them. A black frilly laced skirt and top that had black straps going down the middle of the top, and black boots with silver buckles going up the outside of them. I felt gothic, and very dark, but this was me now, and I wasn't turning back to my old self. I refused to, that person was gone now. The only thing left there was to change was my hair, I went to a back room in the shop and found some permanent red hair dye.

"Perfect," I smiled. I went into a bathroom, with the dye and began to put streaks through my enormously long black hair. When I finished, I looked in the mirror defintitley seeing a completely different person, a girl that was fearless, and lets nothing stand in her way. I walked back to where the clothes were and saw a thick black ribbon lying on the floor. I picked it up to tie a bow around my new black hair with red streaks, with my hair now ending at the top of my back.

I forced my foot through another window breaking throughout and crashed into a tattoo shop next door. I saw the tattoo artist hiding behind the counter. I walked up to the counter and slammed my hand down, "I want a tattoo." I could tell I made him a little more nervous and confused.


I nodded. He slowly got up and got the tools he needed. I told him I wanted a tiger paw clawing down my shoulder, making a long claw mark as it drew blood. Then that I wanted black angel wings with blood on the tips on the back of my neck. When he was done, I eyed him, "How much?"

"N-No charge.." then he went back into hiding. When I walked out the shop it had seemed that the sky got darker, and the wind got rougher. I walked back out to the town center and saw a few heartless surrounding a man on the ground. Then I saw a crystal heart float up and up and up not the sky. Those things just took his heart...they then turned their attention to me and started to come towards me.

I stared at them, starting to feel scared again, but I couldn't be scared, there was no time to be scared anymore. I closed my eyes and balled up my fists. No more running, it's time to face the darkness. I then heard a glow of some sort, I opened my eyes and looked down at my hand to see a long white glow in my hand. Then an odd...blade popped up. It reminded me of Sora and Riku's....keyblades? It seemed to be metal and obsidian, with black and silver metal spikes at the top that curved out. With a black hilt, surrounding a checkered handle, and a chain like keychain coming from the end.

I felt empowered, I looked from the keyblade to the heartless coming at me. I took hold of the Keyblade with my other hand as I bent my knees to a fighting stance. "No more running, I can't be afraid..." I took a tighter hold of the Keyblade. "Let's do this."

I charged at the heartless, striking immediately when I reached them. As one jumped near my face, I blocked it as if in instinct. Soon the Keyblade felt like an extension of my arm, as if it was a part of me. As I striked one heartless, defeating it, seeing a crystal heart float into the air, I had to quickly block another one. Then as I jumped, I spun around swinging the Keyblade, taking out the remaining heartless that surrounded me in one swing. I stood up straight, panting a little and took the blade in both my hands to study it. "Wow."

I then heard a noise that made me look up. When I did I saw another black hooded figure standing in front of some sort of black hole. But I wasn't sure if it was the same person from before. "You're ready Ayame," he then held out his hand to me. "Come with me, and you will discover your true power."

I looked around not knowing what to do, but what choice did I have? Almost everyone I knew was either gone, or had their hearts taken. It was my only choice. I walked forward keeping a tight hold of the Keyblade and stopped in front of him. "Will I really?"

"That is a promise, you will have the power to grow, and take down any foe that stands in your path. We will help you obtain it, as long as you help us."

"We?" he stood there and didn't respond to my question. "Hmph, it better be for my benefit for your sake. I don't want to be wasting my time." I walked through the black hole as the hooded figure followed, leaving behind the once beautiful Radiant Garden, that now seemed to be a dark, and empty void with no light to shine over it.

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