She blinked to make her seem human, her head shifting to the father which was moving ever so slightly on the sofa, shooting him a small smile, "It's a lovely house you have here, I wish mine was like this". Small talk. Victoria decided that it would be the best way to manipulate them ever so slightly. When she spoke, Agnes looked over to the girl, nodding her head at her words, while her hands fished around for the tv control. "Have you been here long?"

   Agnes found the remote, pausing the program and looked at the 'shivering' women, "Not too long. But we like it here, don't we guys?" the mother looked to her love (Martin) and then to her joy (April) who both nodded in reply, "Sweetie, you look frozen. Do you want another layer of clothing? We have a blanket of you want one. Martin why don't you fetch Victoria a blanket, she is our guest and a cold guest".

   Pushing a fake smile, Victoria spoke, "I didn't want to seem like a hassle. I should be off soon, all i wanted was to use the one and i did".

   Agnes shook her head, "Nonsense. It's raining. You'll catch a cold. You'll be staying until the rain stops."

   And that's exactly what Victoria was planning. To hopefully stay until the rain stops - which wasn't until late, around two o'clock in the morning but then again, the mother wasn't going to allow her to leave then. As Victoria said, humans were easily manipulated and the Deutch family was the prime example.

   Victoria bobbed her head at the words the mother was saying, "Do you want a hot drink? I don't mind making you one".

"No, thank you. I'm not really a hot drinks person," Victoria lied through her teeth. The mother nodded, collecting her red mug from the table and disappearing to the kitchen. April was still looking down at her phone when her mother left the room, so when she looked up and saw the red head gazing out her spookily, she raised an eyebrow, "Was i staring? I apologise"

April swatted a hand, "It's fine. Wasn't really expecting to see someone staring into my soul when i look up from my phone," April paused, shifting her feet around on the sofa, her scent flooding into Victoria's nose making the red head clench her jaw, "So where you from? Your not from town are you?"

She shook her head, "Passing by. I had some more friends with me but we parted ways for a while. They should be back soon though and then we will be on our ways. If you don't mind me asking, what's so important on your phone?"

   "My bo-friend? Friend? Mate? A male," April rambled, not knowing what to call Jasper, they hadn't established anything. She looked to the women, making eye contact and then continued, "He's meant to be coming down. But he's taking his time about it. Family issues".

   The red leaned forwards, her elbows digging into her knees, "Boys are the worst. Especially your age. They like to sting you along, they don't know what to do half the time. It's as if they hardly have a brain".

   April chuckled but disagreed, "I wouldn't say that. Some people are willing to go to the ends of the earth for people. My parents. Prime example. Each other's first loves. High school sweethearts"

   Martin came back in the room, a horrid green blanket draped lazily over her shoulder, "Talking about your mother and I?"

April nodded her head, beaming at her father as he handed the green blanket to the outsider, "Talking about boys".

Martin nodded, "Well, you ladies continue that conversation. I'm going to join Agnes in the kitchen. I'll also take the Pizza money".

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