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Contrasting black jade hair with white wispy hair swayed in the gentle breeze, the pair walked alongside each other walking into the forest where multiple demonic steered clear in their path. "How am I going to find a mount if no demonic beast are willing to come my way?" Kuan-Yin sighed dejected plopping her butt on a tree stump.

"How about that Heavenly Snake that was with you the other day?" Chen suggested, "Why don't you make that your mount?" He placed Kuan-Yin on his lap and sat on the stump.

Kuan-Yin shook her head, "I promised her mother that I wouldn't involve her children in cultivator business unless Faust is willing," she sighed even though Faust was an extremely good mount and she was willing however the mother was Kuan-Yin closet companion and Kuan-Yin wanted to keep Faust out of danger.

Faust wrapped itself around Kuan-Yin waist shamelessly shoving Chen by 'accident'. Chen glared at the snake in disdain, however, Faust returned the glare not backing down even though their strength were like heaven and earth. While the two were glaring at each other they didn't notice the petite blackhead has already left the scene.

Kuan-Yin walked along the riverside casually strolling waiting for a mount to present themselves. Gravel rolled underneath the soles of her shoes the sound crackled loudly in the silent forest along with the gentle rhythm of the river. The tranquil moment was interrupted by an animalistic snarl from an unknown source. Obviously startled by the disruption on the quietness of the forest moments ago, Kuan-Yin gained distance from the riverside on to the damp ground into the cluster of trees.

Observing from the distance, Kuan-Yin was bewildered by the strange sight which had unfolded before her. A strong muscular body of a dragon, head of a cobra, a tail of a koi and whiskers like a catfish. This was a new specimen that Kuan-Yin have never seen even though she had basically travelled almost everywhere. Judging from the animalistic snarl she received from this bizarre creature she would have guessed that it would probably outrank the Faust Heavenly Snake in leagues.

However, with a new species means no methods of taming it or knowing its behaviours. Just by judging the attitude it had when she arrived it was a territorial beast with ferocious temperament, along with its powerful body it could wreak havoc onto empires. From the environment, this beast is most likely suited for both aquatic and terrestrial combat. This type of beast to be suited for both aquatic and terrestrial terrain have never been heard of in the South Continent. However, she had only encountered with one of these beasts and they were in the foreign lands beyond the four continents. They were considered a national treasure in any foreign country. Someone could have underestimated this beast's power and get themselves killed.

Had someone smuggled this beast into this country? Surely it wouldn't be possible to contain this beast, it would have required many powerhouses and the beast escaped. The beast being in an unfamiliar environment would have made it paranoid of its surroundings. Kuan-Yin revealed herself to the beast making it noticeable for the beast as she didn't want to go on a rampage. Like any normal person who has been around beasts, you have to lower your status to show that you are no threat to the demonic beast.

Kuan-Yin knelt on one knee showing her respect to the demonic beast obviously she knew the limits of her powers especially against a demonic beast in the Heaven Beast Ranks. She stood there quietly and unarmed to face the beast, allowing the beast to investigate her intentions. The Beast's whiskers brushed past her face leaving behind a smear of blood that she didn't notice. She thought that red was part of the beast's scales however she could only blame her eyes for not realising sooner. She went to touch the beast scales to examine the extent of the wound however that was a mistake on her part as the beast thought that her actions were a threat.

The beast went to claw Kuan-Yin, dodging the attack she sustains an injury from the beast across the arm. A beastly roar echoed the forest alerting everyone and everything of its overwhelming power. The beast began relentlessly attacking Kuan-Yin as if she was a threat to itself leaving her no time to attack back. Kuan-Yin struggled greatly to dodge the beast's claws and magical attacks. She would occasionally obtain injuries from the beast on her arms and legs. It was incredibly difficult to predict the monsters attack pattern while she examined the wounds on the beast's body.

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