My face shot upwards and my vampire eyes could just make out the night sky through the chimney opening. It was my only chance. I didn't hesitate to reach up and start pulling myself up the chimney, brick by brick, I shuffled my way up the burning chimney. I would grab a brick, burning my skin, release it, it would heal almost instantly, just in time for me to reach out and grasp the next brick, pulling myself higher and higher. Onward I climbed, the sounds of the howling flames and wolves reaching my ears, becoming louder and louder the closer I got to the top of the chimney. The chimney narrowed at the top and I became lodged, stuck, unable to move any further towards my escape. I twisted and turned, unable to free myself as I burned.

I stilled and took a deep breath. And then I used my strength and magic in one fell movement, to blast the chimney apart, sending a shower of bricks all around the burning bonfire of a house. I wasted no time in freeing myself completely from the chimney, standing on top of the broken bricks, above the flames as they roared on around me. My red eyes lit up the dark where I stood and I took in the amazing sight before me. The brothers and hundreds of wolves, in both forms, filled the shadows surrounding the house and the outlying trees in the distance. Sebastian and the Brothers had called in the calvary to save us. The explosion of the brick chimney had draw their eyes upwards to me, as I stood on top of the burning house, taking in the sight. "The Angel of Death lives!" I heard a wolf shout in a victory cry, throwing his fist in the air. My glowing eyes took him in, as the rest of the wolves echoed a cheer, breaking out into howling of victory. I felt the grieving minds turn to look up at me; all three brothers, Sebastian, York and Lucas.

I had become a symbol of victory over the Templars in the wolves' minds. I smiled, flashing my teeth and fangs, as I let the magical wings form on my back, being silhouetted against the flames. The flames were growing higher and I needed to get off of my hot vantage point, so I crouched and leapt from the house, using the wings to slow my descent to the ground; landing in front of the brothers and gathered Alphas. More howling filled the night as I landed before them, smiling. I let the wings fade back into nothingness as the brothers converged on me, stroking and caressing me; their minds absolutely consumed with tempered grief and now relief. I held each one of their faces in turn, kissing them, before I turned and hugged Sebastian who buried his face in my hair, weeping in relief. After a moment, I pulled from him to kneel down to where York had Lucas laying on the ground.

"Is he going to make it?" "It is going to take a long time for him to recover from this, by our standards, but yes. If you had waited and they had used wolf's bane on him, he would have succumbed to his wounds and died for sure. Thank you, Sasha. The wolves will never forget what you have done for us this night. You have our trust and loyalty completely," York said, reaching out to grip my shoulder in his huge hand, as his eyes delved into mine. I turned my eyes to Lucas and reached out to gently caress his brow as his dark eyes found mine. I gave him an affectionate smile while I caressed him. I could feel such a strong bond coming from him at that moment, it shocked me. I looked up at York and he smiled saying, "Guess you're one of the pack now, in his mind."

I laughed and turned back to Lucas. "I'm a vampire, you know. Thought you were supposed to hate and not trust me?" I teased; we both knew that wasn't the case for the few vampire 'companions' out there, just in general for our two species. Lucas only shook his head, as a weak smile came to his lips. I smirked at him and bent down to carefully place a kiss on his forehead. "You're safe now, Lucas. We need to leave. The Templars know by now that this place is burning and I'm sure they are on their way. It's time to clear out." York nodded, as did the rest of the Alphas. I felt a strong pair of hands reach down, picking me up. I met Nicolae's ice blue eyes as he cradled me to his chest, speeding off with me as his brothers followed, back to the safety of the manor. He zipped straight to my room and sat down on the edge of the bed, closing his eyes as he held me tight against him.

"Oh Nicolae, I'm alright," I whispered heavy with emotion, hearing his mind's agony at the thought that they had lost me. They had all believed me lost to them in those moments that the fire consumed the house, as it collapsed in on itself. They had found Lucas lying outside the window on the ground and the wolves had carried him away from the flames, as Nicolae had desperately tried to get into the window to come to my aid. His brothers had pulled him back just in time, as the window had collapsed, chunks of the flaming house crashing down where he had been. His mind showed me how all of them had believed me lost to them; my mind had been so consumed with driving on the flames, that that was all he could pick up when he had tried to look into my mind to check on me. It was why they had all believed me to be burning to death.

I sat up on his lap and looked into his eyes. "I'm ok," I said brushing his hair back from his shoulder. His mind moved to the pain of what it would be like to have Viktor take me from him; from them. If I was lost to them that way. It would be just as bad as if I had died. The pain would be just as bad as it had been in those moments, before they knew I was alive, but it would be never ending. They would have to live each day knowing I was lost to them; that I was Viktor's. His hand brushed my hair back and held my jaw, bringing me to his lips for a kiss that was so full of emotional pain, it made my eyes tear-up in response. Drogo and Peter were there with us, echoing the feelings that were coming from Nicolae. A quiet sob escaped his lips that were still on mine, breaking our kiss only for a second, before his lips were back on mine in desperate need.

He was stroking my hair and suddenly I could taste his salty tears in our kiss. "If he takes you," his hoarse voice left off. "Nicolae," I said, my voice heavy with the emotion he was bringing out in me. I lost myself to him in that moment, holding him as close as I could, expressing my love for him through my kiss, my touch, my body. I gently pushed him back on my bed, his long hair falling out behind him. His salty tears flavored our kiss as I held his face in my hands, feeling the other two brothers join us on the bed; thier hearts were bleeding as well. They had thought I died, the flames in my mind as proof. Nicolae was always looking out for me, watching over me, coming to my aid. He had rescued me so many times I was starting to loose count, but my white knight needed rescued this time; they all did. I ran my fingers up into his hair, holding him to me for a kiss, as I reached down to start unbuttoning his tunic.

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