Chapter 68

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The wall of armed Templars closed in on my position, surrounding me, as they all got evil smiles on their faces. I backed up to the fireplace as they advanced on me. One of the Templars let a pair of gleaming cuffs drop onto a finger, to dangle there. I raised an eyebrow at him, amused; did he really think those were going to hold me? He only smiled back with assurance. My eyes caught a gleam on them. Poisoned then. Meaning they would hold; painfully. I got down in a coiled crouch; their guns tracking me, unaware that they were all about to die. My hands spread wide, out to my sides and I bent my head down, my long dark hair sliding forward, touching the floor. I felt my magic gathering right where I needed it and then my face turned up with an evil smirk as my eyes glowed red. "You're caught, vampire! Give up!"

Quicker than they could track, my arms swung forward, coming together with fingers spread and curled, as a great wave of fire shot out around my form from the fireplace at my back. My magic pushed the flames on and outward, until each one of the Templars around me were entirely engulfed in explosive fire that filled the rest of the basement, licking up the stairs, bursting from the open window I had shoved Lucas out of; catching the walls, ceiling and carpeted floor on fire. The Templars tried to cover their faces with their arms as the screamed, sinking into the raging lake of fire before me. My hands shot out again, fueling the howling flames that were licking up every surface, completely filling the room, overflowing into the rest of the house upstairs. More screaming came from upstairs as the flames reached the first floor.

I concentrated on locking the doors to the house and driving the flames on to engulf the first floor and start flowing up the stairwell to the upper bedrooms that were also occupied. With an evil smile, my mind's eye tracked the flames as it burst out windows with it's rage, consuming all in it's path with it's explosive power. All on the first floor fell to it's flickering fingers of death with screams of pain. Onward I drove the flames, up into the higher stories of the house, blocking all escape. I pressed harder as the basement walls and ceiling around me started to char and crack, sending chunks of burning timber to the floor all around me. Still I held my magic over the flames, determined to not let one escape for the pain they had inflicted on Lucas.

Somewhere in the distance I could hear shouting, multiple male voices shouting my name desperately but I had no room to respond as I concentrated on driving the flames higher, onward in it's all-consuming wake. The flames licked up the stairwell to fill the third floor, blowing open the doors that had been shut against the flames, as more screams rang out at each bedroom that was engulfed in flame. Onward and onward my magic pushed the flames, until the last stairwell to the tiny attic was full of raging, consuming flames and the last of the Templars screamed in agony as the flames intensified, matching my burning fury that was consuming my mind. My mind was one with the flames around me. With a final thrust of my hands outward, the windows on the top floor were blown out in a shattering, tinkling spray of glass shards; allowing the flames to completely engulf the roof.

The house had started to come down around me where I crouched. I heard frantic voices crying out my name still, someone pulling at the small window, but being drug away as it collapsed in on itself. I looked around my flaming coffin, accepting my fate, backing up towards the brick fireplace. My mind still consumed with driving the flames on to destroy it all in my vengeance. My shoulder blades hit the hot brick and I went still as my mind snapped back into the present, freed from the burden of my magic driving the flames. The fire howled around me like the raging beast I had turned it into; a reflection of my anger over what they had done to my friend. From their evil to our kind. Over the howling of the flames that consumed the house, I heard multiple wolves howling their grief outside.

I recognized Sebastian's among them. I hadn't heard a howl that pained since he had watched the memory of what Viktor had done to me, when I had saved him. Guilt tore at me that I was leaving them. That I would burn into nothing more than a memory for them all, as the house literally started coming down. A great section in the middle of the ceiling of the basement collapsed, revealing a huge raging inferno above me, even as the lake of fire burned around my feet. I had to jump back, almost into the empty fireplace to avoid the falling debris. I hit the back wall of the brick fireplace and my hair began whipping about my face as the air rushed around me, being pulled on from the oxygen-demanding fire. Air. Open air.

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