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Everyone wore these look every time he glanced at the people passing him by. They weren't even afraid that he was there. Which was ironic, as he knew the crowd would go crazy once they knew who was standing among them. But the survivor clan members were more interested in listening to the cold-eyed leader who was yelling like an obsessed man in the middle of the town square.

"I've already found the girl you all want. I know all in your blood revenge burns like a sage but I want to be the one dragging her here. I want to be the one ordering her punishment. At first, there will be whippings." The crowd yelled hell yeah as if they could feel the scenery already happening around them. "Then you all could take out your revenge on her as you wish and finally, she would be burned at this very town square while her body's hanging from the pole."

Darkness had to raise his eyebrows at the words. He didn't think they were this angry at the girl if they were willing to burn her like the century-old witch trials.

"I, Coen Sparrow promise to take this Red clan as mine. I will protect it, unlike our diseased leader who could not even tame his own daughter." His sneer made the crowd once again yell in frenzy.

Darkness stood and watched the man order his clan members to get a cup and a knife, for sure to take his place as an official leader. But before he could go to that part, a woman rushed towards the man with a knife hidden in her skirt's pocket.

"My husband was not weak! You will not disrespect your former leader like that. I will not allow you! And what are you all doing?" She whipped around to glare at the people around her. "You're allowing this bastard to take over when you know it's my place in this clan. It's my responsibility to take care of you and yet you all doubt in me?"

Some of them were curious to watch both of them battling for the leadership. Some looked like didn't even care who will take care of them. People were staring at the woman and suddenly they all bowed their head.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were still grieving?" Coen narrowed his eyes at the woman in displeasure.

"I was and I will keep grieving but that didn't mean I abandoned my clan." The woman furiously threw the words back at the man before she drew out the knife she was hiding.

Darkness watched in amusement as the man's body ran cold with dread and he shrieked. "Help! Help me! She's going to kill me!"

What a fool, Darkness thought with a grin.

When no one came to help the man, Darkness walked towards the podium with his jaw tense, his eyes as dark as the night, promising violence in his stance. People around him gasped watching the man join Coen leisurely.

"Who are you?" Coen snarled glaring up Darkness. It was funny how his voice might've been strong but his whole body was shaking in front of Darkness. It only took a minute when Darkness dropped on his knees, showing his neck in submission.

"Sire, I'm here to help you." Darkness concluded with a tipped smile. The woman near him glanced at him once and staggered back.

"D-Dark-" She couldn't finish her sentence when suddenly Coen turned around and slapped the woman across the face so hard that she dropped on the ground. Darkness had to hold himself not to release his shadows watching the woman coughing out blood.

"Kill her." When no one responded, Coen took the knife from the woman's hand and gestured towards the whimpering crowd. "Kill her before I take one of your family members as her place."

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