3 | Action All Around

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Date: 12. 11. 2018

Not much went down today as a whole mainly because I was asleep for more than half the day. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyways, the few hours that I was awake for, however, was extremely exciting.

I spent most of my night—early morning—watching a really interesting Formula One race that ended up not only having action on the track but also off-track. 😂 #MaxVerstappenForTheWin

It was a mix of people pushing each other of the track through collisions and people actually shoving each other off-track due to frustration and I can safely conclude that it was the most exciting, albeit dangerous, race of the season.

Also, on a completely different side of Twitter, people were actually tweeting about the PCAs that I didn't get to watch this year. :') I hope I didn't miss anything exciting from the PCAs. 😫

So I have to head back to college tomorrow and I feel like I don't even remember how to write anymore due to my break. It literally feels like I haven't written in forever. 😂 #prayformyexams

I hope my exams turn out okay tomorrow so I don't end up regretting my entire existence this whole week. I must remain calm as I attempt to write the next few chapters of Abscond at the end of the week. 🙂

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