2 | My Emotions Are On A Rampage

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Date: 11 . 11 . 2018

Today was an entirely pleasant and eventful day. That was sarcasm. I was completely unproductive today. My exam's in two days and I'm extremely unprepared. 🙂 Someone send help, I'm drowning.

On another note, why is 11.11 a thing? I mean I keep seeing sales and deals for 11.11 and I'm extremely confused. Did this happen every year? Where have I been for the past two years?

In all honesty, I am feeling completely down today and I guess I could strongly say that it's because I miss my best friend. I just miss talking to her when things got too rough for me. Poor kid, probably had problems of her own when I selfishly threw my problems at her. But was amazes me till today is that she always has a solution to my problems. Were we secretly siblings in a different world?

I've just got a general question, though. Is it normal to feel completely lost when you take two whole years off from social media entirely, cutting off important relationships too in the process? This might sound deep but it takes a piece from me every time I do this. I hate it. I don't like giving up the things I love for things I don't really care about but should care about.

All said and done, I'm sorry for throwing all my problems at the world like that. I needed to get it off my chest today and I'm just glad it's out there now and not buried deep in my heart. 😂

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