First Meetings

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(Yeah, I really couldn't wait for a request. So Imma just jump straight into this.)

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Your family just moved to this town recently.

It was a nice place overall. A small village, with an overall quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Everyone was (relatively) nice and friendly, although you were still your awkward self who weren't the best with people.

You were registered to the local school. It wasn't much of a place, but you were hopeful to make some friends.

First day. You're excited as heck, but also a bit nervous, justifiedly.

You were standing in the school gates. Breath in, breath out. Then you entered.

The corridor was, well, not really crowded. In fact you only saw a few people here and there. Were you late? Were you early? Geez. Your thoughts were racing in your mind like rally cars.

- H-Hello, do you need help? - a deer girl poked your shoulder.

You just realized that you were standing in the middle of the corridor, spacing out. Oops. She must've thought you were lost, which is actually not far from the truth.

- Um... I don't know where my class is, actually - you smiled awkwardly. - I'm new. My name is (Y/N).

- Oh, you're the new person! I'm Noelle! - she smiled back. - I-I think we're in the same class then. I'll show the way! - she exclaimed, visibly enthusiastic.

You let out a relieved sigh, pacing behind the girl. At least you're not lost now, and you've made a friend. Sorta.

In the classroom, however, you didn't know where to sit. Eyes wandering around the room, you curiously scanned your new classmates. There's no free seat beside Noelle, so that's a taboo... Finally, you chose your spot beside a brown haired boy in a yellow-green sweater. He looked kind of lonely anyways.

- Hi - you said quietly, putting your hands on the desk. - Is this place taken?

- No - he replied after a few moments. It was a bit bothering that you couldn't see his eyes. So you didn't know if he was looking at you or not.

- Okay - you muttered, unpacking your backpack and preparing for class.

After a few seconds (that felt like minutes) of silence, he was the one to speak up.

- You're the new girl, right?

- Yes, yes I am - you said, rubbing your upper arm shily. - I don't really know anyone yet... My name is (Y/N) by the way.

- Kris - he stated shortly. He seems quiet, just like you. Maybe you're gonna get along.

Another minute passed without talking; you thought it was the end of the conversation, already doodling in your sketchbook when you suddenly heard him say:

- Welcome to the class.


Oh, the Dark World. The sweet, sweet Dark World.

Life is never boring here.

Especially when you're being chased by a couple of royal guards for stealing some of their riches.

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