1. She's coming back

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As I close my eyes I feel the air around me slowly cool down, an effect caused by the sun setting over the mountain in the distance. A salty tear gently rolls doen my right cheek as I fear what is about to come.

Behind my back I feel a steady arm around my waist. A small smile stretches across my face, unluckily not wide enough to stop another tear. Slowly I open my eyes and face Sammy, the obvious owner of that arm. His blue eyes are laced with worry and the corners of his mouth are slightly tugged downward.

"Pheebs, what's wrong?" he asks cautiously and I stiffen at the name. I don't know why tonight I feel so. . .wrong. A few hours ago I wouldn't have minded, for it was what everyone called me. It was my nickname. But it was the nickname she gave me. The thought of her sent another tear down my cheek and I placed my head on my knee roughly to hide my face.

"I'm scared Sammy," I choke out, and he pulls me against him and I bury my head into his chest. He smells so nice. I wish I could do this more often.

"Don't worry Pheebs, I protect you," says Sammy. His eyes are filled with determination and he holds me closer.

"But..." I start but he shushes me playfully. A laugh escapes me, quickly followed by another stream of fresh tears.

"I'll always be there for you. . .maybe not physically, but I'll always be there. I'll always hold you in my arms to protect you. I'll always listen to your problems when you need a shoulder to cry on. I'll always be there,"

I slowly shake my head as I lift it to face him. His blue eyes are filled with nostalgia.

"How could you if you're dead Sammy?"

Screaming, I open my eyes and shoot upwards.

Just a dream, Phoebe. Just a dream.

"But Sammy's still dead," I say to myself, trying to calm down, "And Jackie is still coming back,"

But why should you be sad? She was your best friend after all...?

"Exactly, was. She killed Sammy. She's nothing to me..."


1 year earlier...

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