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Narrator's Pov

Izeiah observed Ivan's face. She was being prevented from getting up by his arm. She moved closer to him.

Her little hands explored his face. Ivan could barely contain his smile and keep him from showering her with kisses but he kept still. He wants to see what she's going to do next.

"I hate it that life gives us what we deserve." She starts.

"If you're a rose then I'm your flaw. You get rid of the flaw, then you'll be perfect. You never gave it a thought so I decided that I should take matters into my own hands. The thorn will remove itself for the sake of the rose " His brows almost furrowed because of what he had heard but he didn't move. She hugged his neck. He could hear her slow breathing.

"The only thing that went wrong is that the thorn fell inlove with the rose. This---- I hate. I couldn't control myself and next thing I knew, I love you" and that was the last pull.

She finally said it.

His eyes shot open, he held her waist tighter. Nagulat si Izeiah

"What did you say?" Ayaw sumagot ni Izeiah at buong hirap niyang lumalayo sakanya pero mukhang ayaw talaga ni Ivan

"No, this is bad. Clarisse isn't the nicest but I still need to respect her. She's your fiance and now she will call me a slut." She explained and tried to get away

"Oh sweetheart." Bumangon siya at pinaupo si Izeiah sa kanyang kandungan.

"I'll break the engagement if you tell me what you said awhile ago again" Tumawa si Izeiah pero ng nakita niyang seryoso si Ivan tumigil siya.

"You have a fiance." Kibit balikat niyang sinabi at buong hirap niyang iniwasan ang mga mapupungay na mata nito.



"So?" He says as he pulled her closer so he could hear every word she will say. He stared intently at her.

'She's way more gorgeous up close' he thought

"If you keep me, you will ruin you and I will ruin you. And I don't like that." she says and look around, not daring to stop her gaze on Ivan's.

"I don't care about that. I meant the other one."

Izeiah stopped looking around and finally settling down her eyes, staring unto his eyes.

She searched for playfulness, teasing but nothing she red said that he wasn't serious.

"I've fallen for you." She says but Ivan wants the other phrase. He wants to hear it again, clearer this time. And Izeiah knows.

She cupped his face with her little hands then she kissed his forehead. She stayed there, she didn't lean back to stare at him again. She was trying so hard to avoid his face.

"Ivan" he waited patiently. He wanted to hear it. He wanted to hear the words she had said earlier and he was about to.

The rain outside grew louder.




But despite all the noises, he heard her say it.

"I love you"


This is only a teaser by the way, in other words, this is an unfinished chapter because the other half is still yet to be written.

After all these years, I finally finished my first book. It took quite a while to drive this book to the right ending. I know a lot of times I got lost but most of the time I turned in the right way and found my way back though I did encounter a lot of bumps and difficulties.

Thanks for all the support, guys. I really appreciate it.

Stay tuned.

Next part will come out next year, 2019.

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