chapter eight - blush

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For the next few days leading into November Hogwarts slowly began to show the first signs of winter.
Nobody went outside anymore and if they did it was for Herbology. The Common rooms and most of the classes were warm enough but the corridors began leaving students with icy chills.

One day, after a particularly cold walk from Herbology in which James had informed Laurelle about the upcoming Quidditch trials, James stepped into the Common room, sighing as he ran a hand through his hair. When he was younger and more arrogant, he used to do it to impress girls - specifically a redhead by the name of Lily Evans. Now, it was a stressful gesture.

He ventured over to one of the sofas by the fire, but it was already taken by none other than Lily Evans. She had a quill balanced in her one hand, the other holding a Transfiguration parchment in her hand, which she was reading through.

"Hiya Evans," James said, dropping his book bag next to the opposite sofa and plopping down into it.

Lily looked up for a second to say, "Hello, Potter."

James took out his Transfiguration essay that Mcgonagall had assigned as homework and began working on the last few sentences. For a while, there was silence, broken only by quill on paper. Then-

"Your handwriting is actually really nice." Lily said. He looked around, noticing for the first time that she had been watching him.

"Everything about me is really nice, Evans. I'm James bloody Potter." She snorted.

"I just never thought that you write nice." She admitted after a small silence.

James turned to look at her again. "There's lots of things you wouldn't think true about me, Evans." His voice was quiet this time.

He then looked back down at his parchment, a small smile playing on his lips. Only three words were on his mind now.

She actually blushed.


"Mate, let me just get one thing right. Lily complimented you?" It was Sirius speaking. Long after Lily had vacated the sofa for her dorms, Sirius had shown up from Herbology after having taken a trip to the kitchens. James had immediately informed him on the happenings of him and Lily.

"Yes. And she blushed."

"Why, did you say something?"

"No I just looked at her - like this." He tried to put that intense expression on his face again, but to no avail.

Sirius snorted. "You look like you swallowed a whale."

"I swear it was way more hotter earlier," James said.

"Anyway," Sirius said again. "I still don't see why you are so infatuated with her. Is it because she is pretty?"

"She's beautiful," James said. His fingers were in his hair from frustration. "And her eyes are, like, they're so green  - and her hair! It's so silky and soft and I just- her smile, it would light up London- UGH!" And he covered his head with his hands, breathing heavily.

"Mate," Sirius sighed, patting James' back. "You've got it bad."


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