Sneak Peak.

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This is a preview of what's to come.
"Dana. Here now." Oh gosh. I started to hyperventilate. He's thirsty again. I rummaged through my 'work' clothes, lingerie. The only decent one for me was a plain black with bright purple rims. It was made like a super short dress. I pulled it down but then my breasts came out.
I sighed and turned to the mirror next to the door. I screamed when I saw him staring at me from my open door. My mouth was covered quickly and tears streamed down my cheeks. I want to go home! Why wouldn't he let me go? My heart pounded and I stared in his cold empty black eyes. He doesn't seam to have a heart, he has a lot of depth. To think I even tried to get to know him, to help him and he repays me like this.

"Lie down." He told me and removed his hand. No. I'm not going to do this anymore. It's my life. No ones going to take advantage of me including Damon Smith.


I found myself air born and crashed against the wall. I slid down and bit my tongue hard to fight screech of pain. Tears ran faster down my face. I was immediately restricted and Damon took it right there on the blood red carpet. His sharp teeth made me cry out and he drank from me but he didn't drain me completely. My vision blurred into black and I began to lose consciousness. It hurt, like being caught in molten lava. But after a few agonizing seconds, the pain dissolved into the feeling of pleasure. I moaned and groaned. Even he couldn't restrain my shivers of pleasure. I was giving in a way but I wanted to give more. I tried to push that thought in the back of my mind and try to fight the feelings, but I just couldn't! I want Damon Smith right here. Right now. Forever. His hands slid up my legs slow and light. Why did he have to play and tease me so much?
If you haven't read v diaries 'smith' is a name he used when he met Elena's Aunt and Uncle to be. 
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