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Dear Reader,

The story you're about to read was the very first serialized story I ever wrote on Wattpad. 😱 One Little Spell was a challenge to myself to try to learn the platform and see if I could write something that would engage and entertain others here on Wattpad. I am still awed when I see people reading and enjoying the story every day. This story, and all of its wonderful readers, are so dear to me. I wrote during my senior year of college, between classes, and homework, and working to pay my way through school. And I loved it! It kept me writing when I was tired, when I had the dreaded writer's block, when I wanted to give up.

I've toyed with revising it since the time I wrote it. I posted as I went, publishing each chapter as soon as I finished writing it. So this story, for all intents and purposes, is still a first draft in many ways! I would still love to revisit it someday, but I've put it on hold for now as I pursue other writing projects. You might see some spelling mistakes here and there! I often wrote on the go (sometimes even on my phone), and that can lead to some mishaps. If you spot any mistakes, feel free to point them out! I always appreciate my Wattpad editors for helping bring the damage that hasty fingers wrought to my attention. ❤️

Writers often refer to themselves as "plotters" or "pantsers." Plotters are those who plot out their story in advance. Pantsers are writers who plot as they go, flying by the seat of their pants (see how that works? 😉). Well, at the time I wrote this story I was a full on pantser! I completely pantsed this novel, making up a majority of the story as I went along. I think it shows in some places, but I think in a lot of ways it led to some cool twists that even I didn't expect. 😂 I like that about pantsing, that you can organically surprise yourself. Now I'm more of a mixture of the two techniques, I'd say. But I love the spontaneity that technique added to this novel, and I hope you'll enjoy my whimsical twists and turns as you read along.

Thank you so much for checking out One Little Spell. If you enjoy the story, consider voting (click the little STAR ⭐️) and/or commenting as you read. I love seeing your reactions and interacting with you guys. ❤️

Happy reading, everyone!

Happy reading, everyone!

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