⚫Chapter 16⚫

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"Elias? What the hell are you doing here?"

"That is the least of our worries right now!" Elias exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around his mate's weak body.

"She's passed out," Nathan said as he quickly threw on his clothing.

"She's regaining her consciousness right now." They both watched Leilani flutter her eyes open and part her lips.

"Elias... w-where's N-Nathan?" she weakly stammered out.

Elias rolled his eyes before looking up at Nathan.

"I'm right here, tiger. You're going to be ok," Nathan said reassuringly as he knelt beside Leilani and took her hand in his.

"Am I d-dying?" she asked before closing her eyes.

"No no no, stay with us. Keep your eyes wide open," Elias exclaimed.

"She has to drink his blood," Nathan said with a sigh as he looked at the dying vampire across from them.

"Excuse me?" Elias asked feeling dumbfounded.

"Look at her. She's dying. The only way for us to save her is if she drinks his blood."

"We're not turning her into a damn vampire," Elias stated while looking at Nathan with anger.

"SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND. IM NOT GOING TO LET HER DIE!" Nathan quickly grabbed onto the vampire's arm and dragged him towards Leilani.

"Open your mouth tiger," he asked softly.

"N-No, I d-don't want to," she stammered out while slowly moving her head away from Nathan.

"You have to! You're not going to die on me!"

Nathan picked up the nearest stick and pierced the vampire's wrist causing him to shriek in pain and for his deep dark blood to pool out. He then placed it above Leilani's mouth as Elias held her head firmly. The blood poured into her mouth as she cried in fear. Both Elias and Nathan squirmed with disgust as they watched her slowly swallow the maroon liquid.

After around twenty five seconds, she suddenly sighed in satisfaction as she sat up and grabbed a hold of the vampire's wrist. Both Elias and Nathan sat back as they watched her drink his blood. The liquid was creating a mess and it dripped out of Leilani's mouth and onto her sweater. She hummed with gratification as she drank.

"So good..."

She suddenly left the lifeless vampire and with great speed jumped towards the others and bit into one of their necks.

Suddenly Zander, Athena, Saphira, Lucian, and Blaike emerged from the forest.

"What the hell happened?" Blaike barked.

Athena gasped before she covered her mouth with her hand. With the other, she held onto her husband as she watched her daughter hungrily attack the vampire's neck.

Leilani suddenly lifted her head in pain as her canines grew in length before dipping her head into the other vampires neck.

"S-She's a..." Saphira stammered out with her mouth hanging wide open.

"She's a vampire."

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